Gardens. Gardening. Thinking of Versailles.

I am back in the kitchen this week cooking one of the never ending variations of one of my favourite recipes.

Shredded beef recipe.

I have a few new ingredients to play with thanks to Melbourne company El Cielo Mexican foods. They sent me a gorgeous packet of dried Ancho Chile and I am loving using the last of it in this dish. It adds a distinctive depth of flavour that I love.

I am also using a collection of fresh herbs from my new garden.

While my kids are besotted with their new Labrador puppy, I feel like a have a kind of pet of my own that is my collection of herbs and flowers in their pots.

I do not have a green thumb at all but I do enjoy gardening.

I watched a snippet of this film “Portrait of a garden” and I found some illuminating advice about being a gardener. Something along the lines of (and I paraphrase here) if you want to be a gardener you have to be able to tolerate uncertainty and be willing to build for the future, with all the patience that requires.

The truly great gardens throughout history have done just that don’t you think?

I wonder what it is that actually constitutes a great garden?

My Dad was a keen gardener and spent hours and hours turning green barren paddocks into beautiful fragrant garden beds that you could wander through or gaze upon.

Just last weekend I also visited my sister’s house in the Country and she has done a wonderful job of turning her own extensive but plain back yard into a vibrant and luscious garden, fit for meandering and drinking tea.

There was a time where my husband and I were thinking of moving to Versailles as there was a job opportunity available there that we liked the sound of. Imagine that, living near the gardens of Versailles. Of course they truly are great gardens of historical significance but I don’t think we need judge other gardens by their magnificence.Versailles

Why do you think? Have you ever fallen in love with a garden or perhaps fallen in love thanks to a garden?

Some of my favourite gardens include the ones my sister and Dad created, as well as the beautiful “Rose Cottage” gardens in the Yarra Valley that were planted and lovingly cared for by my Aunty and Uncle. When I was young this garden was a truly magical place to me and powerful childhood impressions never really fade do they?

Here in Melbourne I also have a soft spot for the Royal Botanic Gardens.royal botanic gardens melbourneAnd the average of edible farm at the “has to be seen to be believed ” produce garden at Cardi Farm from the team at O.My in Beaconsfield.

Cardi Farm with Blayne BertoncelloBlayne Bertoncello in garden O.My RestaurantCardi Farm produce garden O.My restaurant

On my wish list for a visit are the gardens of

  • Broughton Hall
  • Cloudhill Gardens Olinda
  • Cruden Farm by Dame Elisabeth Murdoch
  • Coombe House (Dame Nellie Melba)

As to falling in love in a garden? I cannot lay claim to this one.

At the moment though I am happy with my pots.

Wish me luck in keeping them happy and alive when the hot weather finally arrives.


Looking for decor for your own garden?

I was excited to fine be approved for a brand new affiliate program with the beautiful Hunting for George this week.  They have a gorgeous range of homewares including a gorgeous collection to pots, planters and seeds. Check them out and support Eat My Street with your purchase. 

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