My Melbourne winter mantra: try a little gratitude

It is that time of year again where Melbourne is cold and a little frosty, and every single person I know appears to be on holiday somewhere warm and a little bit delightful.

My little sister is in Noosa (swoon) and my Mum has just hopped on a jet plane for London. I am still dreaming of living in warmer climes as I do every year at this time.

I normally dream of Queensland but this year the Italian countryside is calling me. A recent opportunity was presented to me to live in Italy for 3 months, studying food systems and Italian culture. All I need to fulfil this lifelong dream is a lot of money, a live in Nanny for 3 months and for my workplace to tell me they don’t really need me in until December. So close but so far.

So instead I am reminded once again of the soothing, healing capabilities of gratitude. 

  • Gratitude can help increase happiness and decrease depression.
  • Practising gratitude before bed can help you sleep better and longer.
  • Grateful people are able to appreciate other people’s accomplishments as it works to reduce social comparison and increase self-esteem.
  • It can help to increase mental strength and improve relationships.

It’s pretty clear right, that in lieu of the Italian countryside, or a Whitsunday Island, I could really try a little gratitude.

So here is my list.

  • The sunrise. Haven’t we been having some gorgeous, sweeping orange-hued sun rises lately? Soft, colourful skies are such a lovely thing to wake up to on freezing cold mornings.
  • My fireplace. Our new home has a toasty fireplace smack bang in the middle of our lounge room. There is nothing more cosy than drinking tea in front of a fireplace on a cold winters day.
  • Long term friendships. Have you got any of those long lasting friendships that see you through ups and downs and ins and outs? Well I have and my recent house move means that I get to see a little bit more of one of my girlfriends. I am still desperately missing being near my sister and Mum, but Friday drinks and “pop arounds” are helping to ease the situation for sure.
  • Family. So yes I love having 5 sisters but I was also recently able to spend some time with my “in-laws.” The Professor flew in with his little blonde haired crew and we all gathered around in a mud brick hut.  We celebrated “Canada Day” and explored Daylesford and Carlton and it was lovely to just reconnect and hang out with extended family.

So what are you grateful for? Can you easily name 5 things? I recommend you give it a try because once you start, it is not so hard. Thinking about what I am grateful for allows me to see the beauty all around my little house in cold old Melbourne after all.



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3 thoughts on “My Melbourne winter mantra: try a little gratitude

  1. I’m grateful every day for my puffa jacket, my wood fire, my woodsman, my coffee machine and my garden. Not necessarily in that order. Just the first five. Xx

  2. Winter is hard! But this is such a great way of looking at it and reminding us what’s important. I am grateful to have a nice warm home and beautiful family to come home to everyday x

    1. Thanks Sarah. I guess I needed the reminder myself! Lots of good things if you stop to look. Enjoy your day.

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