National Food Days Calendar Australia

National Food Days Calendar Australia

Interested in staying up to date with the many “food days” that we celebrate in Australia?  Then look no further that the Eat My Street National Food Days Calendar Australia.

Eat My Street has compiled a list of International and National Food Days that are celebrated here in Australia. We even have some that are not yet celebrated but we think they should be.

We add to our list all the time so sign up or follow us on Facebook to receive a reminder each month of what is coming up. We also regularly publish lists on great ways to celebrate.


  • International Hot and Spicy Food Day January 16th
  • International Sticky Toffee Pudding Day January 23rd


  • World Nutella Day February 5th
  • World Pizza Day February 9th


  • National Honey Day March 17
  • National Waffle Day (Sweden) March 25th.


  • Cheese Fondu Day April 11th
  • National Garlic Day April 19th


  • International Hummus Day May 13th
  • National Burger Day May 28th
  • World Biscuit Day May 29th


  • World Milk Day June 1
  • World Gin Day June 10th
  • World Tapas Day 15th June (third Thursday in June).
  • International Sushi Day June 18
  • Winter Solstice June 21st 2017


  • World Chocolate Day July 7th
  • International Lamington Day. July 21st.
  • National Milkshake Day. July 23rd.
  • National Carrot Day. July 25.


  • National Rice Pudding Day 9th August
  • National Potato Day August 19th
  • National Honey Bee Day August 20th
  • Lemon Juice Day august 29th


  • International Bacon Day September 5th
  • International Coffee Day September 29th


  • World Vegetarian Day October 1st
  • National Cinnamon Bun Day (Sweden) October 4th
  • National Kale Day October 5th
  • World Bread Day October 16th


  • National Mud Cake Day (Sweden) November 7th


  • International Tea Day December 15th

Did I miss anything? Then please email the team and we can add it to the list.

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National Food Days Calendar Australia with Dani B from Eat My Street


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