Winter Solstice. 16 cosy ways to celebrate.

The Winter Solstice is here again and I certainly noticed it this morning.

Winter SolsticeWinter Solstice is marked on the shortest day of the year for the Southern Hemisphere.

Technically this would make it a perfect opportunity to catch a late sunrise, but in reality, Melbourne is pretty cold and overcast and it just ends up making it harder to get out of a warm, snuggly bed.

At my house it meant I got to lay there in the dark a little longer ignoring my alarm to a non stop chitter chatter of “are you still awake Mum?”

But what are some other ways to celebrate Winter Solstice?

  • You could attend one of the great events or festivals this Saturday. Try the  Belgrave Lantern Parade, Ceres Beautiful Darkness Winter Solstice Festival   or the Warragul Winterfest and Lantern Parade.
  • Make a hot lunch or supper. Soup is always a lovely idea at this time of year.Winter Solstice. celebrate with soup
  • Bake a delicious, luscious cake and share it with someone as a surprise.Winter Solstice. Make someone a cake
  • Light some candles this evening and do away with the electricity.Winter Solstice. Light candles.
  • Pull your favourite board game out from the back of the cupboard and go crazy.
  • Write a letter. The recipient will love it, guaranteed.
  • Make a cup my delicious and very decadent white hot chocolate for supper. Bonus points for drinking it around a fire. hot chocolate for Winter Solstice
  • Pull on your winter woolies and head out for a walk.
  • Fuel your warm weather fantasies by planning a weekend away.
  • Watch your shadow. You will have the longest shadow of the year at midday.
  • Bundle up with a rug, coat and beanie and watch the stars the stars for Winter Solstice
  • Create a little ski lodge ambiance. Turn on some moody lighting, light your indoor fireplace,  drape wooly blankets with abandon, brew some mulled wine and play some vintage tunes.cosiness for Winter Solstice
  • Read you favourite book in your most comfortable chair. Bring a book for Winter Solstice
  • Enjoy a pot of tea.drink your favourite tea Winter Solstice
  • Make a fresh loaf of your very own bread.
  • Make an arrangement out of whatever you have growing in your garden. Winter provides us with some beautiful textures, scent and colours here in Melbourne. Lavender and rosemary would be a great place to start.winter flowers

Whatever you do, I hope you enjoy your day.

Happy Solstice.

Dani xx

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Looking for other great ways to enjoy Winter?

The Big Freeze Winter Family Festival 

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One thought on “Winter Solstice. 16 cosy ways to celebrate.

  1. Add to your list Dani B; turn off tv, in particular the footy, so that one can truly enjoy said book or board game. Or go to cold part of the house, put on fluffy coat and get book/game out to get away from said tv! Majority rules unfortunately.

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