“Go Nude” lunch box challenge

I have a lot of trouble with lunch. I never know what to eat for lunch and when I do occasionally stumble onto something that I love, I obsess about it for months until I am well and truly sick of it.

I have had a soup with toast phase, the home-made pita pizza phase, the nut bar and banana phase, the rice bowl/ roast veg stage and even occasionally the chocolate cake phase. That was a good one.

My latest go-to lunch though is the salad mega mix. Add a little green salad to some rice noodles, drizzle with dressing and toss in literally whatever else you can find. Top with a creamy,  marinated feta or tofu and sprinkle on some seeds. Yum.fullsizerender

When I am at work and I have this lunch waiting for me I am a very happy lady. It also incidentally stops me roaming the corridors eating cheap crackers and snacking on chocolate frogs from my desk drawer. So that is good.

But what I am constantly impressed with working in a school, is the fabulous variety and combinations of protein, carb and vegetable based lunches on offer. There are so many good ideas out there that I have never thought of.

So I have teemed up with the good people at Smash to celebrate Nude Food Month with a little giveaway.

This October primary schools across Australia are celebrating Nude Food Day and everyone is challenged to pack healthy, rubbish free lunches  for the sake of saving on plastic wraps that just eventually end up in land fill.

Smash Food Movers have created a versatile and excellent range of BPA free lunch boxes to make this as easy as possible for you. My favourite would have to be the beautiful new glass drinking bottle or the yoghurt mover, but I am sure I will get a whole lot of use out of the lunch boxes too.


But what I want to know is this.

What is your most impressive homemade “nude” lunch box idea? Dazzle me with your creativity or inspire with simplicity. Share that little secret idea that you just know your kids always love and look forward to eating. What makes you King of the lunchbox?

Share it in the comments below or leave a photo in the comments on my Facebook page and the most impressive lunch will win a $100 Nude Food Movers Prize Pack.

Plus I will have some idea of what to eat for lunch when I next run out of ideas.

Happy Eating.

Dani xx

Nude Food Movers believe in saving the planet one lunch box at a time. Reduce, re-use and recycle with a handy range of products to help you on your “nude food” adventures. Available at Coles, Big W and Officeworks. For more information on the Nude Food Movers range by Smash visit www.nudefoodmovers.com.au | Facebook: Nude Food Movers | Instagram: @Nudefoodmovers. 

Nude Food Movers is the bran behind Nude Food Day, an educational program and event held in primary schools in October. To find out more information on how you can do your bit for the environment sign up today at www.nudefoodday.com.au | Facebook: National Nude Food Day.

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