We Will Rock You

We Will Rock You

This post is brought to you thanks to  Nuffnang and “We Will Rock You”.

Last night I was invited to enjoy the preview night of “We Will Rock You”  Melbourne. After receiving rave reviews overseas and in Sydney, the musical featuring Melbourne favourites Casey Donovan and Brian Mannix has now made its way to our home town.

“We Will Rock You” has sold more than 16 million tickets world wide, with more than 3600 performances and standing ovations in the UK alone. The musical has also been crowned UK’s favourite show at the Olivier awards 2011, British theatre’s answer to the Oscars. So you can understand why I had very high hopes.

I donned my spikey high heels, painted my nails black,  and teased my hair (no, really I did) and headed out for a night of classic rock.


Now I love musical theatre and every time I go I am reminded why, and last night was no exception. It is so life affirming and pleasurable to witness the amazing creativity and talent that goes into writing, producing and performing a good musical. And We Will Rock You is a good musical.

Set in a futuristic landscape that is  also eerily familiar, “We Will Rock You” charts the story of a dreamer and his smart and feisty “rock chick” as they seek to rediscover music created by man. A very funny script full of pop culture references, classic rock lyrics, soaring ballads and pop synth produced dance numbers keeps the story humming along. It is a lovely story too, of romance and growing up and hope all set to the backdrop of a technologically rich, creatively bleak, pastel hued techno-future.WWRY2335_PhotobyJeffBusby_R-1024x655

I loved it. Some of the goosebumps-raising moments came thanks to the amazing vocal abilities of the cast and the wonderfully produced, booming rock classics. WWRY2471_PhotobyJeffBusby_R-1024x683There are 34 Queen classics studded throughout the show and they are very easy to lose yourself in.

I fell in love a little bit with Gareth Keegan as Galileo, and Thern Reynolds as Britney, because don’t we always fall for the lead singers?

I wanted to be Erin Clare as Scaramouche and Jaz Flowers as Oz, in equal measure.

I could totally pull off those outfits, right? WWRY1684_PhotobyJeffBusby_R-1024x683


This musical is suitable from the age for 13 years and above.

“We Will Rock You” made for an excellent night out at the very beautiful Regent Theatre in Melbourne. I have been singing Queen classics all day and my four year old and I plan to release a duet any day now.

If you are interested in finding out more then head to the website.



Dani xx

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