So, what does a food blogger really do?

So, what does a food blogger really do?

As people I know have slowly learned that I do have my own food blog, most have them have been instantly compelled to ask me the same question.

So, what exactly does a food blogger really do?

what does a food blogger really do

I guess maybe they are confused as they start to wonder, did they miss something about me? Like the fact that I am a chef of some sort who maybe did a secret double degree in Psychology and cooking while they were not noticing.

Well no I am not a chef, I am just an enthusiastic home cook who loves to make bake and create and who thinks that food is a little bit of the answer to most questions.


So what is it exactly that a food blogger does? Well there are a few “types.”

  • The rock star food blogger who gets invited to all the awesome events and turns up looking kooky or cool or glamorous or French.
  • The dedicated recipe developer who spends 85% of their life taking beautiful photos of food they just made so their legion of Pinterest followers find some inspiration and motivation for cooking at home.
  • The young, urban, cashed up uni student blogger who travels to ALL. THE. HOT. RESTAURANTS. They eat, shoot and upload non-stop, making them zoom up the Instagram or Zomato charts at record speed.
  • Then there is the food writer, who likes to read and write about food in its many guises and contexts, all the while staying a little bit engaged in food trends and a little bit engaged with tradition.

This last group is where I tend to put myself, although I do aspire at times to all the others.giphy-7

I started my own food blog because I loved writing and I love good food and joining the two together helped me to explore, discover and find connection and community. Food has had this wonderful role for many people throughout history.

So what is it exactly that I do?

I post recipes, I visit cafes and restaurants, I read about food and I write about food. I love creating new recipes as a way of expressing my creativity and this tends to happen when I am relaxed and happy.

Sometimes I get invited to eat chicken or sample cheese (living the dream right?) or attend a party with excellent wine and the more people who read about my adventures, the more invites I get.

I also write about community and friendship and I do interviews with interesting people because, well, people are interesting right? Your favourite food blogger probably has their own unique blend of what they post on their blog too. πŸ™‚

Sometimes people send me food to try, or invite me to their restaurant to check out their menu. This makes me very happy.

what does a food blogger really do

And sometimes people even pay me to write for them or about them or I make a little bit of money when you click on one of my ads or buy something from my Amazon links.

But most of the time I just discover new places that I love all by myself and share them with my online friends in case they might like them too.200

So that is about it I think. Now you know.

What do you think? Did you know what a food blogger really did and have I made you any wiser?

Chat soon.

Dani xx

FullSizeRenderDani B is a food blogger and writer from Melbourne. She writes about good food for a good life. You can find her on FacebookΒ or Instagram. Please stop by and say hello. πŸ™‚


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8 thoughts on “So, what does a food blogger really do?

  1. Oh, interesting Dani. I’ve noticed your following is growing so you’re obviously doing something right! I was just wondering how you were fitting it all in (because you have another job, plus a family, too, don’t you?). Very impressed with your organisation X

    1. It is all a bit mysterious at times right? Fun though. Thanks for your support.

  2. Hey, you totally look french in your profile pic! I love the style of your blog – the food focus, but a bit fun, a bit lifestyle, good stuff type post. Keep doing what you’re doing! πŸ’•

  3. Love the shark analogy Dani. Thanks for the laugh while I don’t live the food dream with a shortbread cream from a packet. Left shark this afternoon for me.

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