Goje Frozen Yogurt Yarraville

Goje Frozen Yogurt Yarraville

It’s the middle of winter. It snowed in the suburbs last week. I wore leggings underneath my skinny jeans last night and I may have even been hiding bed socks inside my knee high boots.

Wheat packs and instant hand warmers are basically my life right now.

But winter does blow in some perks with its windy days. My tea consumptions goes up dramatically, the house always smells amazing thanks to the slow cooker churning out delicious soups and stews, and I’m not sure if there are many things more satisfying than the feeling of walking out of a hot sweaty session at the gym into a cold night air. Actually, I can think of one- walking straight from that hot, sweaty gym session into a hot, soothing bath- complete with bubble, hot chocolate (or mulled wine… who’s judging?!) and a really quality book.

But as much as I love the braises, boils and brews of winter a girl cannot live off winter food alone and despite the weather, I often find myself craving something just as cold as the wind.

Frozen Yoghurt.

Now, it’s no secret that I’m a bit of a fitness freak and love my healthy food, and we fitspo-addicts often get a bad rap for self denial so you may be rolling your eyes here and thinking I should just go and have ice cream instead of pretending that frozen yoghurt is so much better for me when it’s not.

And while the choice of fro yo over gelato is based on “health” (restriction) and a misunderstanding of what goes into most frozen yoghurt is true for some people and some yoghurt, I promise you that I am not one of them and nor is the fro yo which I’m about to tell you about. It’s is not only on par with some of the most delicious gelato I’ve ever tasted (thank you Il Melograno in Northcote) but it actually is enormously good for you.

While many frozen yoghurt joints use powdered yoghurt mixes, loads of refined sugar, artificial flavours, preservatives and flavourings, this little small business creates everything on site, by hand, fresh each day.

I almost don’t want to tell you who they are because I secretly love that they’re still so nice and small, but the time has come to reveal my best kept secret…

The greatest frozen yoghurt in Melbourne (and possibly, the world) is found at a tiny little shop in the beautiful Yarraville village called Goje.

Goje Frozen Yogurt Yarraville

All of their yoghurt is vegan, almost all is refined sugar free and all is created with love. They have constantly changing flavours which have included Pumpkin Pecan Pie, Pear, Strawberry and Lime, Hazelnut Espresso and Pineapple and Yuzu. They use in season fruits to flavour their yoghurt and it’s noticeable. The flavours are full, fresh and absolutely on point.

Goje Frozen Yogurt YarravilleGoje Frozen Yogurt Yarraville

Not only is the yoghurt amazing but the toppings bar is packed with freshness too. Fruit, nuts, house made vegan, gluten free cakes, homemade chocolate topping, homemade peanut butter balls… something for every palette and dietary requirement.Goje Frozen Yogurt Yarraville

Living on the east side of the bridge means it’s about an hours drive over the Westgate to find myself in frozen yoghurt heaven but it’s worth it- and while you’re on the west, why not explore some of the beautiful parks around the Maribyrnong River or take the kids to Scienceworks? Or simply take your frozen yoghurt creation to the beautiful turfed courtyard out the front of the Sun Theatre and enjoy the sounds of the busker who resides there before checking out the beautiful bookshops and perhaps even a movie.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to layer up before going on a roadtrip across the city to try the brand new flavour from  Goje Frozen Yogurt Yarraville- Lemon and Basil. I’m sure it’ll be worth the sock tripling that’s going to happen.

Goje Frozen Yogurt Yarraville

Happy Eating!

Amy xx

Goje Frozen Yogurt Yarraville

Address: 38 Anderson St, Yarraville VIC 3013


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