Mushrooms and Chocolate and a very sweet Saturday

JoBo and I went along to a little mushroom tour on Saturday morning, starting at Prahran Market, progressing to Parwan Valley Mushrooms and then  ending up back at Prahran Market for a delicious lunch.


It was wonderful learning about how mushrooms grow and are harvested. In my kitchen I plan to show each individual mushroom much more love and respect from now on. Perhaps a brief salute or wink before cooking will suffice?

More about mushrooms to come.

To finish the fungi festivities we attended a lovely soiree catered by the team at Tommy Collins Kitchen. Tommy and co worked their chef-y magic on the mycelium (I learnt a lot yes?) and presented us with a delicious assortment of mushroom based dishes. JoBo and I could not decide which one dish we preferred because they were all ten types of delicious.



I am now inspired to see what mushroom-y magic I can conjure in my own kitchen.

The day concluded with the presentation of the most amazing cake crafted by Tad Lombardo from Cioccolato Lombardo. Tad tells us that he worked on the “On the forest floor” themed cake for more than two weeks. The cake was made in honour of Damian Pike’s 30 years as a stallholder at Prahran Market.


They let me eat some cake. Can you believe it? This stunning confection was cut up and shared with all and its delicious sweetness is still on my mind. If you can get your hands on one of Cioccolato Lombardo’s chocolate caramel’s then do it. They were oh so delicious.


I loved hanging out with JoBo, the mushrooms and the cake.

Big thanks to Prahran Market, Vikki Leng and Australian Mushrooms for the fun(gi) times.

Happy Eating.

Dani xx

Dani B is a food blogger from Melbourne. She writes about “good food for a good life” at Eat My Street. She also hosts an online cooking club for other enthusiastic foodies. Follow along on Facebook or sign up to find out more.

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    1. So clever I think Anne! I admire people who can make something that requires such persistence and concentration.

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