International Women’s Day

I grew up in a house full of women; 5 sisters, one fairly determined Mum and a crazy dog called Sally.

It never occurred to me that women might be expected to be less, because if you needed something done in my house, a girl would have to do it.

Since then I have met some amazingly awesome women along the way. I have also known women who have done amazing things.

When my Dad was dying from cancer my Mum cared for him in the most tender and dedicated fashion, finding reserves that I did not know she had. My five sisters and I rallied together in a complicated and dedicated fashion in order to be with him, to make tea and to hold each others hands.

In the darkest hour of my grief after my Dad passed away it was my friends who reached in their hands and helped to get me up.

I see many women make sacrifices to do great, small things and small, great things, all of them changing the world around them, and therefore the world, as they go.

So Happy International Women’s Day to women everywhere.


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