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Hello and welcome. Thanks for visiting.

Here we are at week two of the One + Four = Life series. You can find week one, here.

I have had a tres busy, busy week, with birthday parties and sunshine and late nights and a little sadness. All of these good things have reminded me of loved ones who are no longer with here to share it all.

Here are my “one, four: life” photos.




I moved house just over two and a half years ago. Oddly, I still don’t always feel at home here.

Home is where the heart is for sure, but also, where is home? I have moved around a bit and it is hard to know.

But, one of the ace thing about where I am living now is that I get to see a lot more of my sisters. The kids get to play with their cousins. I get to hang out with my nieces and nephews.

I have got sisters.  Five of them! Greedy, I know. But I really love having them in my life.



This weekend I visited one of my all time favourite diners Innocent Bystander in Healesville, Victoria. Then we tootled off to the Healesville Sanctuary for a picnic in the sun. We ate cheese and bread and Portuguese tarts and we watched platypus swim. It was lovely.

Maybe the ultimate, Melbourne, Spring day trip….

I’ll have to think on that one. Have you got any other nominations?


FullSizeRenderLucky I am food blogger because I seriously had to concentrate to not have all of my images about food. This one is a special Fathers Day dessert I made and coincidentally it represents my family. Grandpa pudding, Mum & Dad pudding and the three little puddings.

Bit silly yes?

Bet your wishing you could eat it though.

I got the recipe from the lovely Jess at Locavore Cooking Studios in the Yarra Valley. Layered trifle with Stroopwafels inside. That is caramel encased between waffle, to the uninitiated. You can buy the Stroofwafels from the stunning Yarra Valley Regional Food Group Farmers Market.  Third Sunday of the month and well worth a visit.

Oooo, I could add the Yarra Valley Farmers Market to the Healesville road trip to level up!  Sounding good.



My little man had his birthday this weekend. He turned “thour.” For some reason he has trouble pronouncing his “th” a lot of the time, but then it turns up in unexpected places all perfect and well-formed.

Excuse me while I cry from now until November.

The kids really grow up too fast don’t they? No seriously, I am not being glib. THEY GROW UP TOO FAST. Someone should look into that.

The lovely Carolyn at assures me that she is still celebrating with her son at 19, so that made me feel a little better.

I am trying to enjoy the moments, as they happen. without squeezing too long or too tight.

There it is, thanks for listening.

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Enjoy your week.

Spring is in! Yay!

Dani B



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  1. Thanks, lovely Dani, for the mention! Love your boy’s sound substution! My girl did that too – she called her brother ‘shoe’ instead of ‘Hugh’ but ‘shoes’ were ‘sues’ – go figure! Live the look of those Portuguese tarts. Healesville, Yarra Valley, all good day trips.

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