Five weird things adults should not do when trying to make friends.

New girl in a new town-4

So obviously one of the major things that I had to adjust to when I moved into our new little house, was the fact that I now had no friends. Literally, no friends. lambs It was exciting for a little bit as I fantasised about long afternoons spent reading books and lying around in the sun. That excitement lasted for about 2 hours in reality and then I realised.

This girls got no friends.

If I wanted to go for a coffee? It had to be alone because literally everyone I knew lived a very irritating 50 minute drive North West of Berwick. If I fancied hanging out at the park with the kids, it had to be a solo effort. With very little “hanging out” and lots of me staring at people on with friends on Facebook. Let me tell you, loneliness is standing alone at a park surrounded by groups of other peoples friends, larking in the sunshine.

Here are some things I did to cope with having no friends.

1. Inappropriately lingering at the supermarket checkout. “Sure, I’ll just finish my hilarious story while you start packing that ladies bags will I?”

2. Having a coffee with an “entrepreneur”. True story. It was worst than it sounds.

3. Chatting to an old man as we crossed the road after noticing he had struck up a conversation. With his dog. Not me. His dog.

4. Becoming besties with Jean from the op-shop. This may have been a little one sided, but hey, she wasn’t just going to walk away from that rusty old cash box was she?  Sorrynotsorry.

5. Asking strangers out for coffee, asking strangers around for dinner. Sometimes they said no (to my shame) and sometimes they said yes (even worse). I could go on. But seriously people, throw a girl some friendship if she is new in town would you?

As for me, I will stick to my motto. Never say no to an opportunity. This seems to work, eventually. Just look where it got me and Jean.

PS If you are reading this Jean, call me. That number you gave me does not seem to work. Hugs. xx

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7 thoughts on “Five weird things adults should not do when trying to make friends.

  1. I love this post Dani. I’ve moved around a lot and know exactly how you feel. P.S. Tell Jean I said she’s lucky to know you. So glad we met at Voices on Saturday (and not an op shop, dog, supermarket in sight). Great post!

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