Impodimo Cafe, Garfield.

Impodimo Cafe Garfield

Impodimo Cafe, 101 Nar Nar Goon – Longwarry Rd, Garfield 3814

What better way to enjoy a public holiday here in Melbourne than to head off in search of new adventure. The sun was shining and the vibes were good (we had all slept in, Yay!). Normally encumbered by three mini eatmystreeters, today we only had two. Mid sized Master eatmystreet was hanging with his cousin, telling silly stories and trying to get away with random rude word usage. Successfully I believe!

The rest of us hit that Freeway, heading East toward the green, rolling hills of Gippsland. The Madden brothers came too, although only offering us their voices on this sad occasion, and not their actual presence.  Sing along anyone?

I had done some sleuthing the previous day and spotted a little cafe called Impodimo, in Garfield. It sounded intriguing but best of all it was getting some sweet reviews and some awesome foodie pics. We wound our way through green hilly pastures and came quickly upon the cutest little town you ever did see.

Garfield Victoria

We were pleasantly surprise to find the sweet looking Impodimo Cafe at one end, the amazing Cannibal Creek Bakehouse at the other, and a horse drawn cart in the middle. I kid you not.

Impodimo Cafe is set within a beautiful white weatherboard house with pressed tin walls and it shares the premises with a gorgeous gift shop. The cafe has three separate rooms for eating in and we were lucky enough to be seated in the sun drenched room at the front of the house.

Impodimo Cafe Garfield

We were here for brunch so we ordered the “Famous fig, banana and walnut bread for two” @ $11. Other options included “French Toast” for $16.50 or “Eggs your way” for $10.50. “Roasted strawberry granola with fresh apple” for $10.50 also took my fancy, but so did a lot of the other things on the menu. There was even something for the little ones “Farmers Kid. Poached egg and bacon on sourdough toast” @ $6.50. Alas my non-farmers kid’s wanted cookies and so a blue melting moment cookie it was.

brunch at Impodimo Cafe Garfield

But look at all these other delightful options from the counter.

Cake at Impodimo cafe Garfield

Our coffee’s were a reasonable $3.50 and I am told that the coffee was a house blend from Coffee Snobs. Service was friendly and we all loved Impodimo Cafe. coffee at Impodimo Cafe Garfield Not that I am obsessed, but check out that gorgeous coffee machine.

Afterward we got a little lost at the gorgeous giftstore next door and then we sauntered on down to the Cannibal bread from Cannibal Creek Bakehouse GarfieldCreek Bakehouse for some sourdough of our own. Here we found baker James Fisher working hard at his 110 year old woodfired oven, reportedly the only one of its kind in Gippsland. Cannibal Creek Bakehouse uses traditional baking methods and organic stone ground flour for their range of sour dough loaves. We purchased
a Sourdough loaf and also a Malted fruit bread with huge, luscious pieces of apricot and fig and generous smattering of nuts. The bread here is expensive but is also unique and unrecognisable when compared to supermarket bread. It can be purchased form the small unassuming shop at one end of the bakehouse.

Cannibal Creek Bakehouse Garfield

I will leave the final word to this photo, just in case you did not believe me about the horse and cart. Garfield, Victoria

Happy Eating!


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