2 Sisters Cafe and Patisserie, Berwick

UDATE 2017

Now Closed.

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2 Sisters Cafe and Patisserie, Berwick

14 Blackburne Sq, Berwick.


Today is a great day for going out for coffee in Berwick. The sun is shining, there is a cool breeze blowing through the trees and like the daffodil and jonquils, locals are slowly breaking out of their winter hibernation.

I haven’t posted much lately, mainly because of the winter ills and the cold and the wearying effect of not enough Vitamin D from not enough sun. But today I am back and keen to try out Berwick newest offering, 2 Sisters Cafe & Patisserie.

So basically anything with the word patisserie in it gets me excited. TV shows, cafes, recipe books, Countries. So I was well pleased to stumble across our very own Patisserie in leafy Berwick. 2 Sisters Cafe and Patisserie, Berwick is non too shabby either. In fact, I really liked it!

The kind of Cafe that reminds you of actually visiting your own sisters house, but with less lego on the floor. Also, I think, the perfect place to sup caffeine with your very own sister, should you be so lucky to have one. I have five sisters, but I am not sharing  sorry ;-).

2 Sisters Cafe and Patisserie, Berwick

I had the chance to chat to one of the proprietors and she was sweetness itself, just like her cake and sweet offerings. She tells me they have been open for a few months and that she runs the Cafe with her sister (no surprises there) and that they have never run a Cafe before but that they are keen and excited so they just jumped right in. Gorgeous hey? And reminds me a little bit of our areas other huge success stories and my favourite, O.My Restaurant (2 brothers in that instance). http://omyrestaurant.com.au

They have snaffled themselves a nice little location in Blackburn Square with a few pavement seats in the sunshine.

The coffee was fine. Map coffee beans if you are interested. At $3.50 a cup they might just win my heart as one of the only local cafes to not have completely lost their minds about the price of a cup of hot joe.  But the real strength here is the beautiful array of cakes, slices and pastries. Yum!

2 Sisters Cafe and Patisserie, Berwick

They make them mostly onsite and themselves, with sister number two being designated chef and the passion behind the food. We partook of a slice of hedgehog ($2.50) a piece of baclava ($3.50) and a raspberry and white chocolate scone ($3.50).

cake at 2 Sisters Cafe and Patisserie, Berwick   Baklava at 2 Sisters Cafe and Patisserie, Berwick

It was all very good. There was an amazing looking Romanian Celebration Cake in the cake display that I loved the look of. This can be ordered for special occasions and I think I would quite like to find myself a special occasion just so I might order it. They do wraps, sandwiches, bacon & eggs and pasta dishes as well.

So pop by and say “Hi” to the sisters and shout yourself some cake and let me know what you think. It is a simple cafe, not as well dressed as La Baguette (my current fav) but very comfortable and welcoming in its own way. A great addition to Berwick’s cafe scene.

Happy Eating.


P.S. (Does the P.S. still exist?)

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