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This post fits into the beyond Berwick category. More specifically, the far off land of tall buildings us urban fringe dwellers call “the city.”

You might have visited this strange land, accessible from Berwick only via the long car park some people jokingly call the Monash Freeway. Alternatively you may have taken this “Freeway” between the magic hours of 11.30-2pm when the traffic actually moves at a pace and you can be at your destination within the hour. Unless there is a taxi driver protest or an accident, both of which we came across on our recent travels. If you live locally in Berwick then I will leave it up to you as to wether you can actually ever be bothered heading into the city. But if you do, I recommend a visit to the Om Nom Dessert Bar at the Adelphi Hotel. 187 Flinders Lane, Melbourne.

I had read about this dessert bar in the local rag, The Age. They said good things.

Dessert dedicated dining had been on my bucket list for a while so I was straight keen to give it a go. The long journey into the city gave me time to reflect on my bucket list and the fact that it is almost completely based on dining experiences. I think I need to broaden my horizons, but until that happens (probably never, although I do love reading, does that count?), at least I will be well fed.

The Adelphi is pretty uber cool. I know saying the word excludes me from any real knowledge of it’s parameters but I can’t help it. It. was. just. cool.

There is a real sized horse made out of wire in the foyer and the reception desk is a carriage. There is also candy at the front desk and you can help your self! Did I mention the swinging geometrically patterned couches? I am easily persuaded at the best of times so you can imagine how excited I was by all this. Take a look at their website for some more images.

Now to the food. Let me start with a photo.


Let me finish with some words.

It tasted good too.

Okay, well I am not really going to finish because what have I got to offer if not an over effusive use of words when describing food?

Christy Tania is apparently the chef responsible for the desserts. We ordered the Raspberry Village ($24). Raspberry and lychee sorbet, raspberry and rosewater panna cotta, lychee and rosewater spheres, meringue. It looked amazing and it tasted great. The little sphere’s explode in your mouth and dribble precious droplets down your throat. The sorbet was tangy and sweet and smooth. We could have ordered almost anything off the menu as they all sounded equally delicious. In fact you can do almost just that by getting the tasting plate with three dishes for around $50. They also serve High Tea on a Sunday.

If I was being picky, which I am, then I would say that the staff were maybe a little too friendly. This might just be a me thing and the average punter would love chatting to every single wait staff about the weather and the day and the food. It felt a little like the staff manual said “one of our strengths as a Hotel is the friendliness of the staff. Be friendly or die” or something like that. Some people might like it but it was just a bit much for me.

I do note that Ms Dubecki of The Age, only gives it 13.5/20. I do tend to think that if she reviews your restaurant and it get’s printed then it means you are doing pretty well. The score is almost irrelevant until we get up around the 17-18 mark which almost NEVER happens here in Melbourne. To me a score of 13.5 means you are pretty spesh. I do note however the local scandal of April 2013 when our own local restaurant Eighty One, Berwick was awarded a 12/20. Locals were upset, bloggers were upset, the restaurant itself seemed a little defensive and probably upset about the score. I, however, got on the phone and immediately booked a table, relieved that something out here in Suburbia land was actually on the radar. So I know we do not all react the same to a score (yes I am talking to you Type A’s).

Whatever the score, Om Nom is fun, delicious and gorgeous. Plus am pretty sure Austin Powers would enjoy partying here.

Enough said.

I definitely recommend you visit Om Nom, just maybe take a helicopter instead of the car.



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