Cafe Revival Berwick.

I have to make two disclaimers before I review Cafe Revival in Berwick.

1. If the Sun is shining on my back and there is a cool breeze in the air and a beautiful view, I am pretty happy.

2. I am easily impressed by shiny red coffee machines that are reminiscent of Italian racing cars.

Cafe Revival Berwick.

Now we have that out of the way I can say that I really enjoyed my coffee at Cafe Revival today.

I have already mentioned in a previous post that Berwick is really at its beautiful best at this time of year and so it was today. I popped into Cafe Revival for a quick coffee stop and scored the best seat in the house, right outside the cafe on the footpath. In the sun. Facing down a lovely tree lined street. With Berwick’s busy, sometimes noisy main street behind me and out of sight. There was a big red shiny coffee machine taking up most of the front window of the cafe that opens out onto the street for ease of ordering. So yes, I was happy even before I ordered.

My skinny flat white was delicious. You know that moment when you have your first sip of a coffee and sometimes, just sometimes, it is so perfect in flavour and temperature and construction that you do a little sigh? Well, that was me. Today’s coffee was excellent. They use Segadredo beans which is not a coffee that I am familiar with but I really enjoyed it today. The intensity was just right and (shock, horror) my flat white was not actually just a latte in a different cup. It was a flat white. Bravo!

I have heard mixed reviews of Cafe Revival Berwick and also my previous experiences here were nothing worth writing about. The food here does not always have people excited. I didn’t eat anything today with that in mind.

Another thing worthy of note, there were a lot of suits here. Suits ordering at the widow, suits getting take away, female suits, male suits, suits of every size and colour (nah, that is an exaggeration, they were all grey or black). I remember this from my previous visits too. So I think we can conclude that the Berwick suits like to drink here.

A note to those of you with children. I had the special privilege of drinking coffee without my two year old attachment today. If he was with me I would have gone elsewhere. This is a small, narrow cafe and the footpath is right near a road. Coffee-ing with children could be done here but is probably not worth the effort, in my opinion.

Plus it is harder to stare serenely at the beautiful tree’s that line Gloucester Avenue if you have a toddler with you. And the suits might give your children “that” stare. Thus some of the magic would be lost.

Overall a lovely place for a coffee, on the right day in the right seat with the right companions.

Maybe one day I might even get a chance to drive the shiny red racing….. I mean coffee machine.

The details:

My coffee was $3.70.

The address is 18 Gloucester Ave, Berwick.

Cafe Revival Berwick.

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