D’Angelo Estate Vineyard

Stop the presses. I have found my favourite foodie destination in Berwick and surrounds so far.

Okay, so there are no presses anymore, but stop the blogosphere! (No, that doesn’t work……)

Today we were graced with that most wonderful of gifts, a baby sitter. So hubby and I headed out for a quick pre dinner drink. We were hoping so desperately that some sort of food would also be on offer. Our destination was D’Angelo Estate Vineyard in Officer.

I have been hearing quite a bit about this winery and I have also driven past it a number of times and so it was inevitable that I would eventually give it a try. To be honest, I was initially steering clear because I was not sure what good could come of Officer (in terms of food only of course. I do not wish to offend Dear Reader). It has a 7Eleven that my children obsess over visiting and I equally obsessive over avoiding and otherwise the only other food seems to be for horses?…..

But I was very wrong. As we turned into the driveway I pointed up to a hill that was hanging above us and said “Look at that gorgeous house, what an amazing view.” Berwick and beyond seems to be littered with these scenarios; nothing, nothing, Road, nothing, Road works, paddock, hill, beautiful sprawling countryside. Imagine my delight when it turns out, the beautiful turreted house on the hill was actually the winery we were visiting. It has amazing views from the Cellar door and even a little bit of naked David (statue only sorry). Apparently you can take in Western Port Bay and French Island on a good day from up there.

Read more about the winery here.


D’Angelo Estate Vineyard is run by a lovely family who also own vines out in the Yarra Valley. They were celebrating some sort of first birthday today (cellar door opening maybe?). We had a lovely tasting of their wine’s and we also ordered some food and overall we had an excellent time. We ordered the cheese plate but could have happily eaten anything on the small menu. The cheeses they brought out were beautiful and they were perfectly ripe. One of my gripes of living in Berwick is that I have had trouble sourcing good, ripe, interesting cheese locally. Somehow the folks at D’Angelo Estate Vineyard are managing it though. It was perfect and beautifully presented. They also had Pizza on the menu and a few tapas items.

I really look forward to going back and this time sitting in the outdoor area and taking in some of those views.

Now all we need is some sunshine.

And another baby sitter.D'Angelo Estate VineyardD'Angelo Estate Vineyard

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