Why Kids Candy Eating is Out of Control

Does anyone else feel really annoyed and also completely powerless about the infinite amount of candy that our children consume?

FYI I use the term “candy” on purpose to represent the endless pointless permutations of hardened or jellied sugar. Delicious chocolate for instance is not included under this definition.

Today was Grandparents Day at school and my sons teacher was reminiscing with my Mum about the “olden days” where little boys and girls were gifted a great, juicy orange as their Christmas present. That’s right. An orange. As in the fruit.

My Mum tells me that back in post-war Holland, the juicy orange gift was prized and treasured. I love an orange, in fact it is one of my favourite all time foods, but this is hard to imagine.

Now isn’t it fantastic that most of us have access to enough fruit and veg to eat in Australia. I am not making a sentimental suggestion that we head back to post war rations because adequate nutrition is doing us all a big favour (understatement alert).

But I am struck by the thought that the natural sweetness of a fruit could be considered a treasured gift.

Our kids eat so much processed sugar these days in every day food items (I am looking at you yoghurt) but the “lolly” has to be the greatest offender.

So in my  sugar filled annoyance I made a little list of all the times that my kids ate candy when I didn’t want them to.

You can start with the big four. A lot of candy eating revolves around the big four.

  • Christmas. Advert calendars (1 per day for 25 days), candy canes (24 class members), visits to the big, weird, bearded guy (2) and the awful Christmas stocking. That’s just Christmas. 52
  • Easter. The hunt, the gift, the grandparent gift, the present from friends. 15
  • Birthday. Who would begrudge your sweetnums a little bit of sugar on their birthday? 10- 6 million.
  • More recently and unfortunately, Halloween. Great big bags of the stuff, dolled out by strangers or parents feeling guilty about not knocking on the doors of strangers. 12
  • Then you can add in sibling birthdays cause we all  know you can’t keep siblings from cruising the candy at a busy birthday party. 12.
  • How about school/ kinder/ friends birthday party. Even the quietest kids go to at least 4 of those a year right? 4
  • Then any teacher hoping for a shred of popularity will generally doll out the sugary stuff. So I’m thinking music, sport and designated non specific niche hobby teacher. 1 per term X 4 terms X 4 hobbies = 16.
  • Random times you actually wanted to bribe your own children with lollies. I know we shouldn’t but we all do at least once. 2
  • The time they catch you snaffling sweets from the secret cupboard and then guilt you into sharing. 5
  • Melbourne Show. School Fair. Random annual Carnival. 10
  • That friend you have who everyone loves, because she loves giving lollies to her kids. 5
  • The weary supermarket visit where you accidentally say “yes” after ten “no’s.”  Why did I just buy a bag of gummy bears? Or is that just me? 1
  • Icy-poles, come Summer, because I hate to break it to you, but they are simply lollies frozen with water. Infinity
  • Other random foods that are basically candy in disguise. I’m looking at you Cocoa Pops, some ice-creams and sweet biscuits. 12
  • Other random occasions that have become weirdly linked to lollies. e.g. the hairdresser, the GP and/ or lessons or any sort. Thankfully the dentist only gives out toothpaste. 6

Now I don’t exactly love candy, but I’m not really against it either. In fact I think there is nothing sweeter than an occasional  lolly pop. All things are fine in moderation.

It is just that the moderation bit has kind of gotten out of hand. In fact it has gone  over the top, kind of like a kid in a candy store.

I quite fancy giving my kids an orange for Christmas. What do you think?

I guess deep down, although I think it’s a great idea, I’m slightly worried that they might call the police.

So do you have this problem too? What kind of event/ place would you add to the list?

I think that this change has come about so quickly, that parents are not really prepared for it. What do you do to try and limit access to sugary lollies in your house? I’d love to hear your ideas.

Dani xx

The Ups and Downs of Running with Helen from My Home Base

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Today we are meeting Helen from My Home Base (one of my favourites).

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The day a Bento Box saved me

directory-1161965_1920Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to be working against you? Maybe you begin this special day by spilling a cup of coffee all over your white work shirt and then you quietly think to yourself “I hope this is not a sign of things to come.”

Then sometimes those little niggly bad days join together. They kind of all line up next to each other, one by one, a macabre set of Monday to Friday dominoes all leering at you with ugly faces. And no matter how much you keep standing tall, looking forward, walking straight, you just know that something is going to topple and ruin the whole horrible week.

Me either.


Of course I have. We all have right? (Walk away now if your answer is no, you are not welcome here today oh innocent one.)

Well I was having just exactly one of those days, weeks and months. A perfect Dani flavoured trifecta of misery was upon me.

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No new clothes for a year.

No New Clothes for A Year

AKA The tale of how one purple shirt started a revolution

No new clothes for a year

I stared at the contents of my wardrobe, half of which were strewn across my floor like some terrible ode to Jackson Pollack. For half an hour I had been trying on various combinations of skirts, jeans, dresses, jackets and tops, and still had not managed to hit on anything that looked even vaguely good. I threw a particularly offensive jean jacket across the room and yelled that familiar cry heard in wardrobes all around the nation:

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What I Learned in High School

Today I am writing with a lovely group of friends over at Meet me at Mikes. Please feel free to join in and share your thoughts in the comments below.

I will never forget my last day of High School.

I am not talking about the official last day celebration where all the Year twelves “ran amok” in socially acceptable, restrained style. I am talking about that very last moment.

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One, four, life.

Hello! How has your week been?

I have just come to the end of a very busy birthday season. My three children all celebrate their birthdays within a month of each other so it has been party, party, party, but with Smarties and remote control cars. Less glamorous than you might think.

There was one pirate party, one disco for boys and one girly sleep over.

I do love to throw a fun and busy party, but three in one month is enough for even me.


I started the week with a cracker of an event though. I was lucky enough to be invited by McCormick Grill Mates to a a BBQ Cooking class. Pit master Eric from the BBQ Cooking School took us through a whole series of lessons on how to barbecue meat, American style. Twelve hour slow cooked beef brisket, Chipotle and roasted garlic pulled pork and Tennessee smokehouse baby back ribs were some of the highlights. Plus a spicy cinnamon and chilli chocolate brownie, cooked on the BBQ!

It was all sorts of delicious and the best bit was my husband was invited to join in the fun. Oh yeah, and the gift bag. I am a sucker for a gift bag.

Now to try out some of these fantastic recipes on my own crew.

McCormick grill mates bbq school

I also headed into the City this week to visit the Royal Botanic Gardens. It was a beautiful day and we wandered through the Camellia garden and the children’s garden and around the Herbarium. What a gorgeous city Melbourne is.

royal botanic gardens melbourne

Then I took a tour down Toorak Rd and found something very special.

lolly cake luxbite south yarra

Luxbites is a gorgeous little cafe serving the most amazing selection of cakes and macarons. This lolly cake was featured on Master Chef which made my daughter very happy. Ok, I admit, it worked for me too. Go here to read my review and see more amazing pics.

Well I hope that you had a lovely week too. I am looking forward to cooking something besides cupcakes and sausage rolls this week. I did manage to post my favourite Laksa Recipe. I think that will definitely be on the menu this week.