Macelleria Richmond

Macelleria Richmond

The Butcher who cooks for you has arrived in Melbourne.

Macelleria Richmond

Chief Meatologist Peter Zaidon has taken his very successful restaurant from the shores of Bondi beach to the suburbs of Sydney and now all the way to Richmond, Melbourne.Macelleria Richmond

The idea is simple, a butcher store and restaurant where you can turn up, chose from the selection of top shelf, dry aged, Cape Grim Australian beef carefully chosen with Peter’s fine eye and then have it cooked for you on site. You can also take it home if you’d prefer.

You might like to try a beer or cider while you wait.Macelleria Richmond

The fun does not stop with the beautifully chosen beef though, you can also select from a colourful array of salads and vegetables to accompany your meat, thus also making Macelleria a favourite among a health conscious crowd.

Then there are the iconic sweet potato fries. Crunchy, sweet and salty they can be swapped for delicious thick-cut potatoe chips that are equally delicious.

The idea behind the store, owned by five friends from Sydney and Melbourne, is to serve simple, whole foods and burgers to a discerning, health conscious crowd in a simple, casual setting. Ingredients are organic or locally sourced and seasonal vegetables make an appearance throughout the year. The real star of the show, apart from Zaidan himself, is the ethically sourced dry aged Cape Grim beef. Certified grass fed and MSA graded, the beef is grown in the naturally pristine Cape Grim area of Tasmania.

Then there are the burgers. There are 14 different gourmet burgers available and all are made with 100% grass fed Cape Grim Angus beef patties, created on premises from scratch. Following along with the ethos of the whole store, the burger buns are made from 100% organic unbleached flour sweetened only with honey. Melbourne even has its own local version, a nod to the ground on which it resides. Macelleria Richmond

Macelleria is all about excellent ingredients used to make good food in a casual and modern setting. Perfect for locals looking for  a simple, healthy meal it will also be sure to appeal to the sports crowds frequenting the popular venues nearby.

The Bondi store is much loved by locals, some of whom visit multiple times a week, and I expect the Melbourne restaurant will be the same.

The details

Macelleria Richmond

87/89 Swan St


Macelleria Richmond

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