Intern Wanted

Intern Wanted.

Must love eating food and meeting new people. Adventurous spirit necessary and a willingness to say “yes” to random opportunities is a must.

Day trip driving is desirable and an ability to see through new fads to the heart of lovingly made food and good hospitably.

Payment is in crackers, bacon and the occasional cook book.

Email for more on this golden (latte) opportunity.

———————————————————————————————-My weekend started strongly with my attendance at a rooftop party to launch Pinkster Gin.

I don’t really “do” alcohol on my website but an opportunity to visit Madame Brussels and my love for a moderate tipple of gin drove me to it.

Saturday morning then sees me brunching with my two boys in the Yarra Valley at the awesome Old Butcher Shop Cafe. The lovely proprietor Natasha comments to me “You must be busy running a food blog and having three kids” and I nod sagely and politely stop myself from revealing the hilarious truth.

Which is this, I am too busy to look after three children and run a food blog, run my own small business and hold down a part-time job. Which is why I haven’t been writing much lately.

But boy, how I miss it.

I miss writing every day and I miss cooking creative meals in my kitchen. I also really miss having the energy to head out on new adventures to check out great cafes and restaurants, attend markets and write my own recipes. Because I really, really love all that stuff.

It is my little dream to do it more often.

But for now, life beckons elsewhere, often.

So if you have hung in there for my journey, sporadic posting and all, I say thank you.

And if you are insane enough to want to join in, then send me an email. Because I need someone to who is equally in love with the whole process, who can head out on my behalf.

Until then, sporadically yours, Dani.


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