Day 8 of 31. Then she partied.

Day 8. And then she partied. 

Ever been to disco bingo? It is absolutely hilarious.

Last night I was very kindly encouraged to attend the social event of the year at my children’s primary school.

Normally my very exciting Saturday night plans include a little bit of chocolate and some ABC TV (someone stop me) but this week I dolled myself up disco style and headed out for the night.

There was a lot of glitter, like potentially the EPA should have been notified, but I totally loved the fact that everyone dressed up and it was a really fun night.

I was planning to borrow a vintage dress from a girlfriend but when I looked in my wardrobe, I discovered that basically I own quite a lot of 70’s style clothing myself. Because I wish I could wear it every day.

I wore my very favourite one piece jumpsuit and I loved it.

So today I am grateful for

1. Confidence to wear what I want. Because let’s be honest, a lot of people struggle with this. I am very grateful that quite early on in my student life, I learned the lesson of body positivity and self acceptance. This doesn’t mean that I constantly feel fabbo, rather it means that I know that there are a lot of things way more important in life than the way I look.

I long for my daughter to learn this lesson too, but I fear that it is a complicated one, made even more difficult by this insta-ready, airbrushed world we live in.

2. The chance to do something fun. Having fun and laughing provides a lovely little mood bump. The busier I get, the more determined I am to keep popping little “fun” events into my calendar. It can take a little bit of concentration though, having fun. Don’t you think? Lot’s of other things will be happy to get in to the way and compete for attention. Don’t let them take over though, because you deserve a little fun too my friend.

3. I am reading this excellent little book, The Energy Guide, by Dr Libby Weaver. She talks about cortisol and adrenal fatigue and the importance of managing your energy levels. It has been very practical and helpful and it gave me permission to take a little nap. I am definitely paraphrasing, Dr Libby does not directly say to take a nap, but she does talk about the importance of rest and sleep and taking responsibility for your own energy levels. Given that I have just taken on an extra day of work and I am still adjusting, I am definitely in need of some extra R & R. Enter the nap. Bliss.

So that is it from me, we made it to week 2. 

A big thank you to those of you who are reading and for the messages and emails. Keep them coming!

Please, pretty please, join my mailing list.  

I have some cool things going out via email and I think I finally have the sign up issues sorted.


I hope you did something nice for yourself this weekend, and maybe something fun.

Until tomorrow.

Dani xx

You can read day 1-7 here. 

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