Gratitude post day 1 of 31

Some days are easier than others

Some days it is easy and some days it is hard to think of something to be grateful for.

Today I have the whole day to spend at home with my family and although I am very sad that I can’t attend my girlfriends 30th birthday party tonight, overall being at home with my people is a very happy space for me.

So today I am grateful for quiet family moments. They are definitely not quiet actually (anyone else with two boys?) but they are not rushed so you hopefully know what I mean.

I did some gardening with my two boys and although don’t exactly know what I am doing, I find it therapeutic. It also reminds me of my beautiful Dad who I lost 7 years ago and who I miss every day. Somehow I kind of manage to find him when I am gardening and I am reminded of who he was and how he loved his roses.

We walked the very naughty puppy.

We slept in past 7am– Yay! I needed it because midget 5 keeps coming in to my room overnight and squishing me right to the edge of my bed.

One day he will stop and I’ll be sad but at 3am I’m just a little mad.

But the best part of my day…..


My sister who lives just too far away these days, popped by for coffee. Yipee! I really miss her and her kids since I moved to the other side of town. I have written before about the beauty of having 5 sisters and now that I am a little further away it is so hard to find time to hang out with them. The pop in is such a pleasant and simple way to catch up  and stay connected with people don’t you think? So yay for that.

So was it easy or hard for you to think of something to be grateful for? Can you think of three small things that you are thankful for today?

Why not buy yourself a fresh new note book and write them down on the first page. I am not much of an artist but if I was I would add a sketch.  Feel free to join in with me here and pop your three things in the comments or shoot me a message.  If you are a blogger I will link to your post at the end of the week.

I’d love to hear and you will help keep me motivated.


Want to join in my 31 days of gratitude challenge?

I would love to have company.

You can find out  all the details here. 



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