Gratitude challenge. Day 2 of 31.

In which some days prove to be harder than others.

Ahh, Sunday. The day of long sleep-ins and restful moments in front of the fire or at the park.

Scratch that. Not for this little lady.

Sunday, the second day of the precious weekend and the day with so much promise and possibility, but very little delivery.

My Sunday generally looks a little bit like this.

  • Wake up
  • Feel grateful it is the weekend
  • Realise I gotta get going if I’m going to make it to church on time
  • Endure weird puffy face, thanks to Saturday
  • Negotiate horrors of chit-chat in a large group (not the favourite thing to do for this introvert)
  • Attempt to scrounge up lunch from the corner of the fridge/ back seat of the car/ bottom of my handbag. Nut bar, gummy bear and noodle stir-fry anyone?
  • Drag my feet very wearily to the car for endless hunter-gatherer grocery shopping.
  • Buy enough bananas to feed all of Beyonce’s back up dancers.
  • Realise I did not buy enough bananas.
  • Realise I forgot to buy rice so now all my meal planning is pitiful and useless.
  • Cook lunch for Monday
  • Fold washing
  • Wonder if perhaps the washing has been breeding because how can there be so much of it?
  • Find all the missing socks that you threw out the pair of last week.
  • Discover a fresh batch of un-paired missing partner socks.
  • Wonder if the universe is pranking me about the socks.
  • Cook something “exciting” because I’m trying to hold onto the weekend vibe as long as possible.
  • Eat weird dinner to the orchestra of complaints from children who are not going along with the exciting  weekend vibe thing.
  • Argue 52 times about showers.
  • Feel cross at Sunday for going so fast.
  • Dream about planning a weekend away so that next weekend I can really “make the most of it.”
  • Give up on the weekend away planning because basically I’m too tired.
  • Stare at TV in a daydream state chanting “concentrate, come on, your attention span can’t be that shot” quietly in my own head.
  • Argue about bed 52 times with children.
  • Remember I have to sign 16 permission slips.
  • Discover they have all gone missing.
  • Climb into bed.
  • Realise I forgot to wash the sports jacket again.
  • Climb back into bed.
  • Pick up my favourite book that has been sitting beside my bed eagerly for 5 weeks.
  • Open page.
  • Realise I have your place again.
  • Fall asleep with book unread.

I think I need a holiday.

But right now I won’t be getting one.

So in lieu of such a thing, I will instead continue on with my mission to find three things to be grateful for every day, no matter what.

Salvation came late in the day for me this Sunday.

  1. I am grateful for meeting new people and making new friends in my local area. Tonight I had an important date with Aus Kick under the stars. It was very cold and I was pretty tired but I went anyone and I actually had a lovely evening! I also realised that shamefully, I have never really hung out in “the club rooms” before. Ever. In my life. Weird but true.
  2. Hanging out with my man. Tonight, due to weird circumstances, the hubby and I got to eat dinner together, on our own. We even talked and slowly enjoyed our food. A rare occurrence and a little bit ace.
  3. A warm bed in a warm house. I am often reminded that I am indeed very fortunate to have a roof over my head and a lovely home and for this I am thankful. My bed felt extra cosy and warm tonight after my evening on the footy field and isn’t a cosy bed such a simple, excellent pleasure? I think so.

Three things, on day two, and despite my whinging about Sundays.  Yay!

How did you go?

Do you love a quiet Sunday or does it tend to be a little busy and full of the “to do’s” like mine?

Dani xx

Join me on my 31 days of gratitude challenge. 

You can start here, at any 1. In which life is simple and good. 

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  1. Dani, take a moment in the car park before you head out to shop. Bring your book. Wave to the other mums having some “mommy-time” too. It works for me. Love Rini G.

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