Create the happy 31 days of gratitude challenge.

31 days of gratitude challenge.

31 days of gratitude challenge

So I am turning thirty-I-don’t-want-to-talk-about-it soon.

Everyone is kind go trying to force me to be happy what with all the “life gets better in your forties” “women really come into their own as they get older” and “forty is the new thirty.” etc

In others words, the shame is coming my way for daring to be a little sad that time and tides are passing me by quicker than I can get my head around.

So yes, I feel the peer pressure (maybe its just the crowd I hang out with) to “feel good” “love my life” and “enjoy every moment” but I am digging my heels in friends and feeling a little sad about the whole thing.

So if other peoples relentless positivity fails to cheer me up, what am I to do?

I guess the answer is to ignore the cheerleaders and find my own way through this thing.

So  that is what I have decided to do and I am hoping you will join me.

Leading up to my birthday mid August I am going to write about one thing per day that I am grateful for.

Because do you know what? Mid winter with three children and two jobs and a lot of cold wind and an orchestra of coughing tends do create a little bit of grumpiness.

But there are also a lot of good going on so I am going to pop on my super fabulous, rose coloured glasses with glitter and dramatic pointy corners and get some gratitude.

I recently wrote about the many benefits of gratitude which are well documented and extensive. 

Now I am going to practise it for myself.

31 days of gratitude challenge

If you would like to join in I would love you to sign up as I will be posting some prompts and ideas as we go.

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Share your own gratitude challenge journey in my closed group.

So what do you think?

Are you keen to take 5 minutes every day to document what you are grateful for?

I hope so.

As with everything we do at Create the Happy, the idea is not to pursue some idealistic idea of wild, non-stop giddiness because that is not life, right?


Rather it is to see the good around you and to create little moments of happiness in your life whatever your circumstances are.

I can do that.

Let’s go.

Dani xx

Dani B is a food and lifestyle blogger from Melbourne. She has three kids, a naughty puppy, too many jobs and hankering to live in an Agatha Christie novel. She writes about good food for the good life in Melbourne and beyond.

Dani B from Create the Happy


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