It’s nearly over

Two weeks ago I was very excitedly looking forward to the school holidays. I was weary and sick and tired because term two had been a very good but rather complicated term.

Life with three kids is always complex I think. I spend hour upon hour following little people around and picking up after them, dropping them off places and buying and cooking them food. Then there is the reading and the homework and all the endless conversations about Minecraft and the moon. Not to mention the frequent and very “special” arguments about who gets to sit in the front seat of the car/ use the shower first/ press the button/ hold the dogs leash.

So it is so exciting and pleasing to take a little break from the routine and do something different for a while. 

For us that meant a couple of nights doing sweet nothing, a couple of nights at Daylesford with extended family and then a couple of nights in Lorne just blissing out. The rest of the time was just spent at home hanging out and resting and enjoying the quiet life.

It was wonderful.Wombat Hill Cafe Daylesford

Swing Bridge Cafe Lorne
And even though it all went way too fast, I think I’m maybe ready to return to my normal routine again. Weird, because I never thought I would ever feel that way two weeks ago.

So bring on the return to routine and bring on term three. I look forward to a little more help via my new BFF Marley Spoon this term. I think all teachers would probably agree, enthusiastic meal prep after a long day at work is tough stuff.

I’m also back on the yoga so the #getstrong struggle continues.

So are you ready for the start of term three or would you like the school holidays to last a little longer?

Go well friends, whatever it is you do.

Dani xx

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