Great recipes to make the most of What’s in Season in July

What's in Season in July

What’s in Season in July

I am sure that I am not alone in wanting to be able to use fresh, seasonal ingredients to feed my family. I learnt this lesson when I was quite young and working as a Nanny for a horticultural scientist. Occasionally I would do the grocery shopping for the family and one day I was very politely but firmly asked to never buy fruit from overseas again.

I have to confess that up until that point it had never even occurred to me that I might have to make the choice myself (I was young ok?).

But what exactly is in season? Well I have collated some information from the Vic Farmers Market website and also from some books I have on gardening to make this list of What’s in Season in July. I have also picked up the occasional tid bit of advice from the awesome food swap group that I am part of so that I can be prepared with recipes to use prior to hitting the shops.

So here is a great selection of recipes that you can use when cooking with ingredients that are in season in July.

One of my favourite snack recipes of all time is this sweet and crunchy cauliflower recipe. So divine!

I know that it is lemon season right now. The ABC recently posted a great article on what you can do with your glut of lemons. Sadly I currently don’t have a producing citrus tree so feel free to send some my way.

Who could forget Ottolenghi’s cabbage conversation with Blayne from O.My on Master Chef? I love cabbages. So straight to the master of veg himself for this great selection of cabbage recipes.

I have also noticed the gorgeous abundance of olives that are available at this time of year. I just love living in a neighbourhood where olive trees adorn the sidewalk. I tried brining my own one year but without much success. Maybe you will have more luck!

Curing Olives

Celery, carrots, leeks and rosemary can all be used in my most reliably good Minestrone recipe.

What's in Season in July home made minestrone

Why not add some fresh roasted hazelnuts to this simple chocolate slice? Or of course, just eat them fresh or in a salad because what delicious little morsels they are.

Or try this quick and delicious Mullum Curry recipe from meteorologist and cook book author, Magdalena Roze.

What's in Season in July pumpkin for Mullum Curry recipe


This broccoli, cheese and risotto pie is easy to make and delicious to eat. It also transports really well and can be made ahead of time.

To use that fresh beetroot, cook it fresh and then add it to this Beetroot Hummus recipe. This snack recipe is on very high rotation at my house.

Who needs an excuse to make cake, but this Buttery Orange Cake recipe might just be the thing you have been looking for.

There are so many great ideas for using in season fruit and veg. I love to hear new ideas so please share yours in the comments below.

Happy Eating.

Dani xx

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  1. What a great post! I am always having to check to see what is in season. Cooking for one is a pain particularly when it comes to buying food, so I need to be selective. Cheers.

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