You do for family. The sisterhood edition.

You do for family. The sisterhood edition.

This week I had an overwhelming number of things to do and I also had an overwhelmingly bad headache. No amount of organisation was going to save me, nor was my desire to hide under my bed (weird that, it solves lots of other problems).

But the sisterhood came to my rescue. Or more precisely, my sister from my (neighbour)hood came to my rescue. She turned up, took over, pitched it and was endlessly kind about it in the process.

A lot of people have asked me over the years, “What is it like to have five sisters?” Well I can tell you now, it is very awesome and also ten types of special.fullsizerender

There is a sister for every occasion and every season and despite some obvious issues regarding problems of sharing and crowd management, having a big family provides an awesome and profound sense of place, purpose and belonging.fullsizerender

Who wouldn’t want to belong to this group of cool cats?

My sisters have lent me their clothes (satin-quilted bomber jacket anyone?), taught me about lipstick (90’s Poppy matt brown all the way), driven me to all over the place, checked out my boyfriends (no, no, yes, no, yes), invited me to their parties, paved the way for my parents to chill-out and listened to all my problems.

So much talking, so much listening.

No matter what the circumstances, someone has always got my back. And no matter how isolated, lonely and disastrous my life has been, there has always been a sister or two holding my hand, cheering me on and making my world a little sweeter.

They may have stolen my shoes, blabbed my secrets and dobbed on me to Mum, but that doesn’t really matter because the good always far outweighs the trouble.

“You do for family” to quote Frankie Heck from the Middle (#LifeGoals).

In a family of 8, that is a whole lot of doing and a whole lot of family. Ain’t nothing else coming close to that.

So next time your kids are arguing over noise, knee-touching or movie selection, take a note from the book of my Mum and force them to get along, because one bad headache day, they will need each other for sure.

Long live the sisterhood.fullsizerender


Dani xx

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4 thoughts on “You do for family. The sisterhood edition.

  1. Aren’t sisters the best! I have four sisters so totally relate to all you say. I also have two brothers, who feel that they drew the short straw being surrounded by so many sisters. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m the youngest of the five girls in our family so feel that I benefited the most in so far as paving the way, borrowing clothes, buying me cigarettes, and generally softening the blow of adolescence and young adulthood. Long live the sisterhood! x

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