The day a Bento Box saved me

directory-1161965_1920Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to be working against you? Maybe you begin this special day by spilling a cup of coffee all over your white work shirt and then you quietly think to yourself “I hope this is not a sign of things to come.”

Then sometimes those little niggly bad days join together. They kind of all line up next to each other, one by one, a macabre set of Monday to Friday dominoes all leering at you with ugly faces. And no matter how much you keep standing tall, looking forward, walking straight, you just know that something is going to topple and ruin the whole horrible week.

Me either.


Of course I have. We all have right? (Walk away now if your answer is no, you are not welcome here today oh innocent one.)

Well I was having just exactly one of those days, weeks and months. A perfect Dani flavoured trifecta of misery was upon me.

Winter had rudely caught me in its biting, windswept stylings.

My friends had all left me, righteously busy with their own tribe and battles, leaving me lonely and a little lost.

I was busy, too busy with things that were weighing me down. The sacred white space was gone from my life leaving grey clouds of grumpiness.

On top of all this, I had something to learn. Life was trying to teach me a lesson and I was still stubbornly wrangling it (Ouch, that hurts).

But one cantankerous, gloomy Saturday afternoon, redemption arrived in the shape of a bento box.

A Chicken Terriyaki Bento Box.

I had to get out of the house but my options were limited thanks to them miserable weather. So habit reared its head and I drove to my favourite bustling Suburban cafe strip where I knew there was ice-cream and music and plenty of intriguing people watching opportunities. Walking though the swirling winter winds I could not ignore one of my favourite little Japanese restaurant and so I went in and ordered myself a Bento Box. Take away please.

When I peeled back that plastic lid, I felt it. A stir of happiness. A shiver of hope. My world that had been made small by worry had a sudden gust of soy scented smile wafted through it.

It was a good looking bento box. Rice doing that Japanese thing where it looks the same as the stuff your Mum used to boil, but instead it tastes fresh, modern and gorgeous. Just like a Kimmi Doll.bento

Red pickled ginger studded its surface. There was also chicken in various forms, a lovely salad and some sushi. All in their own little compartments. How dainty, how organized. How thoughtful. But it was just a Bento Box.

A small thing, that bento box. A very small thing. But often this is where we find the way forward. A little hope, a whisper of enjoyment, a tiny swirl of pleasure, a step in the right direction.heart-283146_1280

You see sometimes we just need to do something, anything, to lift ourselves out of the doldrums and often we need to take one little step in the right directions to start the tiny trickle that can end up as an avalanche. The Bento Box was still just a bento box, but it made me feel a little happy and that was what I needed.

How about you? Does food every cheer you up? If not, what is it that gives you that small whisper of a smile, even when your feeling dull and grey.

Happy Eating.

Dani xx



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3 thoughts on “The day a Bento Box saved me

  1. Oh Dani I loved that. I have different foods for different countries. In England marmite crumpets and tea used to cheer me up. In NZ it was a bagal with cream cheese and jam with a latte. In Australia it’s Tom yum soup if I’m feeling everything is getting me down. We can never really get away from the effects food has on the emotions eh xxx

  2. I love bento boxes! I’ve not been to my fav Japanese place for ages so thanks for reminding me how much I love it. And that sometimes you need a big comforting treat to come back to yourself xx

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