Why a good cup of tea is better than your best friend

SpacesWhy a good cup of tea is better than your best friend.

I hate to be judgemental or anything, but sometimes a good cup of tea really is better than a best friend. I’m not saying that if it came down to it Survivor style, I would choose to vote my bestie off the Island while sitting smugly next to my favourite tea-pot (although honestly, look how gorgeous it is).

But what I am suggesting is that friends everywhere need to take a moment to look into their leaves, and learn

  1. Tea is right there beside you through the good, the bad and the ugly. Early mornings with a new baby, late nights partying, boring afternoons studying. Fights, romances, business meetings. Failures, wins, losses and everything in between. Tea is always available and never hanging out with its new boyfriend right when you need it most.
  2. Tea has the right answer to every question. Actually tea is the right answer to ever question. Tears, laughter, boredom, excitement, fatigue, grief, wealth, desperation, confusion, anxiety, embarrassment, awkwardness. “Pot of tea?” Yes and more yes.
  3. Tea brings people together, no matter how disparate. Grandma and the goth from next-door? No problem. Your masseuse and your accountant accidentally cross paths? Have a seat. Your boss and your latin dance instructor? Happily supping together. Try it. All people. Honestly.
  4. Tea never takes a selfie of you looking grim, tea looking fabbo, and then posts it to the internet.IMG_0939
  5. Tea is there every morning, always. It never runs off to discover itself in Croatia leaving you with the horrible task of finding someone new to sit around bored with.
  6. Tea may have had a little bit of a glamorous make-over of late, but deep down, inside that bright orange box, it is still the same old black leaf.FullSizeRender
  7. Tea loves your people, all of your people, all of the time. Perky new gym buddy, boyfriend with better hair, your sisters dull new finance, your excellent but nasty cleaner, all of them equally welcome to hang out with the pot. FullSizeRender
  8. Tea can calm you down or perk you up, depending on what you need. It will never brutally agree with you that you did make a fool of yourself last night at your annual work Christmas party, when you were actually looking for reassurance that no one noticed.
  9. Tea always has time. Whenever you need it it will be sitting there in its box, brewing patiently in its pot, quietly going tepid while you linger over the morning papers. It never gets a promotion nor becomes suddenly busy for three years in a row. It doesn’t have children or get married, or climb the corporate ladder right when you have propitiously tumbled down yours.
  10. Tea never gets upset when neglected. Accidentally leave it sitting atop the window sill for 35 minutes while you chase your four year old around the house trying to brush his teeth? No problem. FullSizeRender
  11. Tea happily accompanies you through all your weird phases. There is the chai phase, the peppermint phase, the organic phase, the floral notes phase, the hint o’ chilli phase, the plain, strong & boring phase. And I’m not talking about the tea.

I think that you will agree the message is clear (black, no milk, no sugar). Tea really is better than your best friend. I guess the only way to really improve on the antioxidant rich, caffeinated goodness of a cup of Camellia sinensis covered with hot water,  is to share it with your human.

Tea Ceremony
Tea Ceremony

You might not want to mention that they are outranked in your affections by a curled little leaf though,  or you might end up drinking alone.

Happy sipping.

Dani xx

PS. If you are passionate about tea, why not visit Primo at Belvedere Social in Daylesford. The man has style and is passionate about good tea. He also recently competed as the youngest participant at the Australian Tea Masters competition here in Melbourne. Go Primo!

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3 thoughts on “Why a good cup of tea is better than your best friend

  1. Beautiful shots Dani. And well said, as I drink my lemon ginger in a bright yellow cup and saucer before getting back to the daily school pick up/sport drop and cheer midweek routine. Xx

  2. I’m with you all the way Dani – 100% committed tea drinker right here. I won’t get out of bed for less than one full cup of good strong tea. Your images are beautiful! 💕

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