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The Butter Kitchen Gembrook Butter Kitchen Gembrook review

Last year I had the pleasure of meeting Liza from The Butter Kitchen Gembrook. Liza is a local foodie and cook and she has started a small business making home baked goods for delivery in the local area. These are not just any old home baked goods though, Liza really knows how to cook and her products, including cakes, cookies, brownies and dessert pies are made with the most luxurious ingredients and also I think a little bit of tender loving care.

Oh yes, they also might contain butter because according to Liza  “more butter is better.”

Liza bakes to order, so if you are keen to have a decadent, luxurious and home baked dessert delivered to your home, office, party or couch, then give her a call and talk through your options. I don’t think you will regret it.

Butter Kitchen Gembrook

We took a drive through the gently rolling hills of Gembrook to meet Liza so she could tell us a little bit about herself and how she got started in her business.



A little about Liza

Liz form The Butter Kitchen Gembrook

“I’m a mum of three incredibly supportive children and two adorable grandchildren, with another on the way. All being my true loves.

I am a vegetarian, am nothing of an expert in anything and am still learning every day.
My hobbies, when not baking, include, knitting, coffee with my friends, sharing a meal with loved ones, walking the dog through our favourite local park, everything French, particularly French pastries and of course always being available for my family to make treasured memories with.
I’m a foodie from way back and love sharing good food with family and friends. My baking reflects my philosophy on food; baked with love, to be eaten guilt free and to bring joy and comfort to all.
I’m a true Francophile and have been for a very long time now. I have fantasized for years about owning my own little piece of France where I can immerse myself in village life and all things French whenever the urge arises. So this year I have finally taken the plunge and put my plans into action and I am in the process of purchasing my first ever French apartment in the Pays de la Loire region, west of Paris. I have already planned my first trip as a French property owner and can’t wait to explore the quaint little villages, french bakeries and further my knowledge about all things pastry. Maybe even a cooking class or two while I’m there.”

About the Butter Kitchen

The Butter Kitchen
“The concept of The Butter Kitchen has been evolving over many years, although I have been completely unaware of it until now. I have always baked gifts for friends and family, anything from cakes, tarts, slices, jams and chutneys. Earlier this year I was encouraged by several friends to take a leap of faith and start baking for those other than my loved ones. In particular my daughter Matilda. Her assistance and graphic design background enabled The Butter Kitchen to come together in a way we both envisaged.

My eldest son Tom is my official taste tester while my youngest son Noah asked early on if he could join The Butter Kitchen team and is now my right hand man with all things ‘tech-y’ and is fast becoming an awesome food stylist and takes a great pic. My mum has made linen aprons for us all to wear and there is never a shortage of taste testers. I’m loving that it’s now a complete family affair. It’s our thing!

My aim is to enable time poor folk the opportunity to experience nutritious food after a busy day or simply to treat themselves to delicious food, just because they deserve it!

I home bake and personally deliver all of the baked goods to a clients home, workplace or event.

I only use free range eggs that my lovely chicken lay and I’m happy to bake special and individual requests as well as what appears on The Butter Kitchen’s Facebook page.

My local area

Liz from Butter Kitchen Gembrook

“Gembrook is an absolute pleasure to live in. I feel truly blessed to live within a relaxed, village-like atmosphere surrounded by magnificent views, fresh air and all the great things country life has to offer including. a diverse range of wild life, stunning bird life who make themselves at home on the back veranda, open spaces, a safe environment for children to explore, country markets, great cafes and restaurants and all within an hours drive of Melbourne.

Gembrook has much to offer and it’s ripe with increasing potential that is very quickly being realised.
But there is one thing that stands out above all else in my local area and that is the presence of community spirit and the undying support locals have for one another. A rarity today I believe. I moved here 8 1/2 years ago and was constantly amazed that complete strangers would actually smile and say hello when you passed them on the street. A real delight. Today I feel a little smug that I’m one of the fortunate ones to be living here and enjoying everything quiet and country. I definitely now feel like a local and cherish my country life and my country friendships.”

My favourite cafe

“My favourite cafe is the newly renovated relaxed and on-track cafe, Spencer’s Store in Gembrook.

Owned and operated by a young and enthusiastic awesome couple who are dedicated foodies, it has great decor, very friendly service, modern presentation and it is a true asset to Gembrook. I particularly love their Chai latte and Persian Love Cake.”

My favourite dish to bake

Butter Kitchen Gembrook review

“Dessert of course!

After much consideration I would have to say for me, nothing beats a big slab of rich, gooey, dark, fudgey Chocolate Brownie!! A very close second is a traditional Lemon Meringue Pie. Both of course have the essentials…decadent amounts of  butter and sugar!”

My favourite chef

“Jamie Oliver has inspired me for many years. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching his honest approach to producing good, rustic food that is nutritious, fuss free and cooked with passion.
Being a true Francophile I am also loving Rachel Khoo at the moment. My Little French Kitchen and The Little Paris Kitchen are my favourite cook books.
But if I’m honest my true inspiration comes from my family, particularly my daughter Matilda. She too has a genuine love of baking and we can sit and talk all things butter, sugar and pastry for hours.  My family’s enthusiasm and love of food definitely is my biggest inspiration.”

It was lovely to meet Eliza and her best friend Sheree. I really enjoyed hearing about her passion for cooking, her family, beautiful Gembrook and of course, her love of butter and sugar!

To find out more you can visit the Butter Kitchen website.

Why not order one of Liza’s beautiful cakes while you are there?

A big thank you to Sharee for lending us her beautiful home and garden for this photo shoot.

Butter Kitchen Gembrook

And to her husband for offering to do the taste testing. I think you will agree that he looks to be enjoying those cookies. 😉


Happy Eating!

Dani xx

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