Prosciutto wrapped bocconcini with sage leaves

Prosciutto wrapped bocconcini with sage leaves


This is a pretty awesome salty, gooey, crispy, creamy recipe. Perfect for sharing with others, or maybe just scoffing with the one you love.  I enjoyed this dish by the beach with friends on one of those delicious Summer evenings that stretch on into the cool of night.


I did all the fiddly stuff at home and then finished it off on the beach side BBQ.  This recipe is super simple, but as with most simple things, you do have to be careful with the execution. Overcook the prosciutto and the cheese will melt through, under cook it and you will not get a crispy shell. It is probably fairly delicious anyway. 🙂

Prosciutto wrapped bocconcini with sage leaves


1 tub of Mini Bocconcini (180g)

5- 6 slices of prosciutto cut into thirds of halves depending on size

12 small, fresh sage leaves


Slice into the long edge of a individual bocconcini.

Stuff the sage leaf into this space.

Wrap with a long piece of prosciutto

Spear it with a toothpick to hold it all together

Place on a medium/hot BBQ or grill plate and cook briefly, turning, to crisp up the prosciutto.



I have included quite a few photos to try and give you the idea. I promise it is simple!

Feel free to serve with fresh, simply dressed, rocket and melon salad or just eat on their own  as an entree.

This is pretty decadent so enjoy every mouthful.

Happy Eating!

Dani xx


chicken salad recipeThis recipe is part of a series. Four great gluten-free recipes and an echidna. 

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