Four great gluten free recipes and an echidna.

Every Friday I post a simple, tasty recipe.  I think that if you buy great fresh, seasonal ingredients then you really do not need to make things too fussy. Let the food shine. This week I have a treat for all the gluten free babes out there who have been looking for great gluten free dinner recipes. You know who you are. 😉

Earlier in the week I ran into a school friend at the park. We were visited by this handsome creature.


My friend was very kindly telling me that she loves to read my blog, but that she needs some gluten free recipes so that she can actually cook the recipes I post. I was happy to oblige because I know a lot of people are looking for great gluten free recipes.

So this weeks recipe selection is dedicated to the lovely Narelle. I have included 4 recipes for my idea of a great gluten free dinner party. I hope you like it!

Gluten free dinner recipes


gluten free dinner recipes entree

Prosciutto wrapper Bocconcini with sage leaves. 

Mains- Gluten free recipe #2

Gluten free dinner recipes main meal

Chicken noodle salad with sesame and peanut dressing. 

Dessert- Gluten free recipe #3

Jill Dupleix’s Incredibly Wonderful Chocolate Cake. 

To drink- Gluten free recipe #4

Gluten free dinner recipes drink

Summer Mango Mojito

So there you go, 4 really great recipes and an echidna.

The chocolate cake recipe is one of my all time favourites and it works every time. It is one of those recipes where everyone who tastes it wants a copy of the recipe so they can make more for themselves. It is not my own, but why improve upon perfection?

Happy Eating and feel free to send me an invite to your fabbo dinner party. Those gf hotties know how to party.

Dani xx


Dani B is a food and lifestyle blogger from Melbourne. Every Friday she posts one of her favourite simple, tasty recipes. She also loves to discover new restaurants and great makers. You can find her on Zomato, Instagram and Facebook. Happy Eating. xxDani B from Eat My Street

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2 thoughts on “Four great gluten free recipes and an echidna.

  1. Oh! I’m very touched! Thankyou lovely lady. The chocolate cake looks gorgeous – a must try!

    1. Hey Narelle. Glad you liked it. The chocolate cake is pretty easy too which makes me happy!

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