Homemade Chips Recipe

We had a chip off at my house this weekend.

Home cooked chips versus my favourite frozen chips from the Supermarket.

I do like to make things from scratch if I can, so I figured it was time I gave chips a go. I do love chips….


Here is my recipe. It is simple but more time consuming than you would think.


800 g potatoes, peeled. Good varieties for making chips include Russet Burbank, Spunta, King Edward, Bintje or Sebago.


2 litres olive oil, for deep frying


Place potatoes into a saucepan of salted, cold water over high heat and bring to the simmer for 8 minutes. (Time can vary depending on the size of the potatoe. You want the potatoe to be tender, but still hold its shape).

Drain the potatoes and then place on a plate with paper towels and leave in the fridge for an hour or so.

Heat the oil until it reaches approximately 190 degrees celsius.

While oil is heating, remove potatoes from the fridge and cut into chips.

Fry chips in two batches, for approximately 6-8 minutes or until golden and crisp.

Transfer to a bowl and season with salt.


So I am not really sure who won the chip off. The house made chips were very, very tasty. But so were the store bought ones.

Smothered in Yumi’s Garlic Aioli, they all tasted moreish and addictive.

The real winner here was my chip addiction.

The home made version had the edge for health reasons, even though they do not look as tasty.


What do you think? Are house made chips worth the effort? If you had to choose, would you eat my home made version, or the crispy looking store bought ones?

Dani xx

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