Evolve Fair Food Store

I have had a lot of local people tell me that they love Evolve Fair Food Store in Belgrave. The cafe sits just outside of the main township of Belgrave in what was once a Blacksmith’s studio.


It has now truly transformed into an inviting, modern and slightly bohemian cafe, in all the right ways. Local art work adorns the walls and artisanal produce is available for purchase in one of the rooms. The food is organic, locally sourced, eco-friendly and health conscious. To just focus on these traits though would be to miss the whole experience. Evolve Fair Food store is “fair” in a unique and wonderful way, but it is also delicious, beautiful, thoughtful and warm.

Evolve Fair Food Store

Visit for brunch or lunch and try a  burger, baguette or omelette. Morning and afternoon tea options are include organic scones ($10) and wheat free banana bread ($12). There are also a gluten-free, vegan and raw food options available.  You can take a look at the menu by clicking here. 

Eggs at Evolve Fair Food Store


Two free range eggs on sourdough toast. $10

Importantly for some of us, there is also a lovely child friendly room at the back of the cafe filled with toys, books and plenty of space for children. There is also a Kids Menu featuring the sort of health conscious and tasty food that every Mum dreams about.

Kids Menu Evolve Fair Food store

Tea is Organic Yarra Valley Leaf tea ($4 a pot)  and coffee is from Proud Mary ($4- $6).

Coffee Evolve Fair food store


Service is friendly and helpful and the staff here seem to give off the vibe that they are enjoying their day. The location at the base of Sherbrooke Forest is gorgeous.

It is hard to sum up Evolve Fair Food store because it is a cafe that does so much. I think it is in a very unique position of offering health conscious, fair trade, ethically sourced and delicious food. Maybe this level of thoughtfulness and committment explains why it holds such a special place in the hearts of locals.



64-68 Monbulk Road
(03) 9754 1437
Opening Hours
Tue to Sun 8:00 am – 5:00 pm


Happy Eating.

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