::One + Four = Life

__One + Four = Life

I am joining in with the lovely Nanjing Nian for  ::One +Four = Life Challenge. Originally started by the gorgeous Pip Lincolne over at Meet Me At Mikes and now being watched over by Isabel all the way over in Nanjing, China. It provides a sweet little opportunity to increase connection, share a little more about our lives and take stock of the week just gone.

The idea is four photos, once a week, to summarise life.

Here is my first attempt.



cooltext131402211826358Celebrating Fathers Day at The Independent Gembrook.

I lost my own Dad six years ago. To celebrate I spent my Friday evening making one of his favourite dishes;  Stamppot Wortle with Rookwurst and Sauerkraut. Stamppot apparently is a Dutch tradition of mashing together things that have been boiled within an inch of their life. Then adding butter and salt. Simple but tasty in a comforting kind of way. Cooking Stamppot Wortle gave me a chance to remember, connect and be thankful for my Dad. I learnt so much from him and I think about him everyday. Fathers Day is a little sad.

A wee little poem

It is also a little awesome because I still have other great “Fathers” in my life who I am so very thankful for. I got to have an excellent meal with two of them on Saturday night.And it was good.



Spring has finally sprung. Yahoo! Yehaa! Yippee!

My little man is about to turn 4 and I am trying very hard to enjoy every moment with him. This means a lot of different things. This week it meant a treasure hunt through the garden. I held his chubby little hand in mine and we wandered in the sunshine together and there was all the happiness in the air.



cooltext131402462416871I have the pretty cool privilege of working in a school in a wellbeing capacity. This week we had the school musical and it was fun, entertaining and inspiring. The next day I needed a drop of tea and contemplation. I am loving learning more about photography, composition and creativity. I am also enjoying my beautiful vintage treasures and this is one of my all time favourite tea cups.

I also unpacked some old cook books from he 1920’s. Great recipes included Curried Sheep Kidneys and Marmite Fondu (egg, marmite, milk). Eek! Health tips were along the lines of “If you break your leg, yank it back into place but not so viciously that the bone pokes through the skin.”

1920’s. Yes for the party dresses, no for the cooking and health tips.




On the weekend I met all the lovely Blog with Pip Pipsters at the National Gallery of Victoria. Gosh they were nice and lovely and colourful. I was a wee bit nervous (contemplating staying home fairly religiously) but I went anyway, and as usual I was glad I did.

I then got to hang with my clever sister. Plus

  • Visit Brunetti’s
  • Order coffee from Market Lane Cafe
  • Eat pastry from Baker D. Chirco whom I have been insta-stalking and loving from afar. Tip: they taste as good as they look.
  • Talk tea combinations with new friends
  • Visit three pink glowing gnomes for a chat.
  • Play with pink flamingos
  • Visit the Melbourne Writers Festival hub.
  • Be bewitched by the painting of the Dutch Masters

Sometimes I miss living close to the city…….



There it is! My first one + four = life. Feel free to join in .





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5 thoughts on “::One + Four = Life

  1. Yay for joining in, Dani! I love your photos! Catching up at the gallery was lovely, wasn’t it? I’m glad you overcame you overcame you’d nerves (I was a bit nervous too – it’s a big like a blind date!). Enjoy holding in to your little man’s hands!

    1. It was a bit like a blind date. How funny! I loved writing my one, four, life. Enjoyed reading yours too. Dani

  2. Beautiful photos. Love the way you write (so gentle). I lost my own father some time ago and also feel very close to him when I cook certain dishes. Love your vintage cup (totally reminds me of tea at my Gran’s house)….and, wow, the photo of the flowers is so detailed; the stamens on the cherry blossom made me very homesick! (I always used to be fascinated by them as a child).

    1. Thanks Helen. The cherry blossoms are so beautiful aren’t they? I hope that you did not miss your Dad too much yesterday. It is nice to be able to do small things that make us feel closer. Dani xx

  3. Hey Dani,
    What stunning photographs. What a lovely way to remember you dad. My own passed away at the beginning of last month so I feel your pain. My dad had so many favourite dishes, so I’ve a lot to get through! He certainly liked his food! You job sounds so interesting. I would love to work with children but don’t think I’m quite cut out to be a teacher. I was thinking of signing up for blog with pip. I LOVE her blog so much. Did you find it helpful? X

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