Exercise for introverts

So I girl who likes cake as much as I do, has to work out.

Dani Bee


You do the math and tell me if there is any other way…. I am pretty sure there is not.

Exercises I hate include

  • running
  • team sports that involve pushing or yelling
  • group sports that involve pushing or yelling

Basically, being an introvert, I like to exercise on my own, without anyone yelling, but me.

Aghh, how am I supposed to get my leg to go behind my left ear? This is impossible!


Exercises I love include

  • swimming
  • walking
  • water based activities
  • Sometime I even let Tracey Anderson bounce around in front of me on DVD,  in her little black crop top and legging ensemble, so that my butt might look like Gwenyth’s.

But I have just found something new and I adore it. I have this gorgeous little app on my phone that teaches me yoga, in the privacy of my own home.



Sometimes my kids join in.

Sometimes I get a little bit bored of all the “breathe in, breathe out” and I have to add dance actions with my hands.

Sometimes I experiment and try the advanced version and then spend the whole time laughing and yelling,


at the wall…..

It does make me feel stronger though and I get that endorphin thingy where I feel a little bit ace for the rest of the day. Plus I am getting stronger and more flexible which I am well pleased with.

How about you?

What is the perfect exercise activity for you? Are you game for exercising in a group, or do you like to stare zen-like at a tree, with your knees next to your ears? Do you think being an extrovert/ introvert makes any difference to what you chose?

Benefits of exercise-2

Obviously the last one is my favourite.

Happy pilates party!

Dani xx

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4 thoughts on “Exercise for introverts

  1. Oh my goodness, I need yoga for introverts. I hate exercising, but more than that I hate exercising in front of people. Like a phobia kind of hate. I get all anxious and imagine that people are staring at me wondering why on earth I’m even there, and that I am way to uncoordinated. Yep, yoga for introverts is so my thing. That’s me, running off to download said app. Thanks for the share xx

    1. Thanks so much Sarah. I am glad you liked it. I feel the same way. It is so peaceful to exercise on my own. I hope you liked the app if you managed to download it? Dani

    1. Hello Robyna. Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I think that Zumba with friends is the perfect extrovert activity! Lots of fun too. Dani

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