My thankfulness flower

Every winters morning when I sleepily stumble downstairs in the half-light to make a coffee, I see this flower.


It sits patiently waiting for me in the garden-bed outside my kitchen window.

I fill the kettle, I regret having to wake up on this cold morning, I start to get cross that I do not live in Queensland, and then I see this flower.


All bright and chirpy and gorgeous, despite the rain and cold.

I am reminded, things can thrive in cold and greyness of winter.

I am reminded. Be thankful.

I am reminded. Beauty surrounds us in unexpected places if we just look for it.

Then I feel a little better, more ready to start the day and see the good and find the love.

So thank you little flower.

What do you have in your life that reminds you  of hope, happiness, or goodness? Is there anything small around you that gives you a little lift when you need it? I’d love to hear about it.

Enjoy your day.



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4 thoughts on “My thankfulness flower

  1. In my kitchen I have a cabinet that houses some very precious blue-and-white china pieces that I have been collecting for a long time. When my Mum passed away, I inherited the pieces she had been collecting. I love to pause by that cabinet, open the door and hold different ones. I feel connected to her. There is something so peaceful about the colour blue and I love being transported to the memories attached to each piece.
    It’s definitely my happy spot.

    1. That is so lovely Rach. Thanks for sharing. How precious that you have something in your house to remind you of your Mum. xx

  2. Lovely Dani (and very timely, given that winter really has arrived). I’m reminded each morning with the bounce onto the bed, and often onto my head, from our dog. Despite the fact she is nearly 12, she’s still as excited as ever about seeing every member of her family, and it’s a great attitude to have (sometimes it’s quite infectious, too!)

    1. Still bouncing at 12 years old! She sounds very energetic. Thanks for sharing. I love the image!

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