Yarra Valley Shortest Lunch

Yarra Valley Shortest Lunch-3 Today I attended the Yarra Valley Shortest Lunch. Held in honour of the Winter Solstice, the Yarra Valley’s Shortest Lunch showcases fifteen of the smaller wineries in the Yarra Valley, with wine, music and food. I was invited by the gorgeous folk at The Yarra Ranges Herb Farm, who just happen to be two of my best friends. I was so pleased they asked as the day was fantastic, the weather was gorgeous and the backdrop was breathtaking. Honestly, the whole place was just showing off really.

Yarra Valley Shortest Lunch
Seville Hill Winery

See what I mean? The idea of the shortest lunch is that you visit as many wineries as you would like, stopping at each one to sample the wine and have a small entree sized meal. We had a plan, beautifully curated by the Yarra Ranges Herb Farm and we stuck to it. First stop of the day was Brumfield Winery. This is a small, family run winery but they certainly know how to entertain. We ordered coffee, and toasted sandwiches for the kids and ate them while sitting outside watching the sun burn up the last of the mornings fog. There was also live music playing inside and a “cork throwing game” for the kids. Fun!

Yarra Valley Shortest Lunch
Brumfield Winery @eatmystreet
Yarra Valley Shortest Lunch
Payne’s Rise

Then we took a quick drive to Payne’s Rise where I was immediately blown away by the most amazing scenery before we even got to the car park. Payne’s Rise is something special and the proprietors had really pulled out all the stops for the day. There were small enclosed fires burning outside for warmth, there was giant Jenga for the kids, outdoor tables, live music, amazing food and of course wine. I was served by the most charming gent with his 12 month old baby watching on. She smiled at me. A lot. All the gorgeousness in one place. The wine was delish. My baguette with pulled pork and slow was amazing. The kids played happily. I wanted to walk into one of the gorgeous timber buildings that dot the property and  refuse to leave. Still thinking about that idea, I will keep you posted.

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Yarra Valley Shortest LunchPayne’s Rise has a gorgeous path that cuts up the back of their property into the Seville Hill Winery. Here there were meals being served in a huge outdoor shed that was heavy and cosy and bustling. Outside there were gardens and more amazing views so the adults split their time between staring at view/watching children wrestle and tasting wine/having uninterrupted conversation. Mr Eatmystreet mentioned something about a delicious Cherry Cider but I had been distracted by the stylings of a Reserve Chardonnay. So I think a second visit is required to try me some of that liqueur.

Last stop was the elegant Five Oak’s Vineyard where we were served Sweet Pancakes, Hot Chocolate and sunset tinged views.

Five Oaks Vineyard
Five Oaks Vineyard @eatmystreet

The Yarra Valley Shortest Lunch runs for the whole weekend so you can still drop by to anyone of the 15 wineries that are throwing their doors open for the special weekend. Souvenir glasses cost $15 and entree sized meals ranged from $7 to $15. Some of the wineries have children’s meals on offer.  I loved getting out and discovering these beautiful wineries that are right on our doorstep. I look forward to seeing more next year. Until then you will probably be able to spot me wandering the property and eating cheese at Payne’s Rise. Their cellar door is open Thursday to Sunday.

Have you had a chance to check out the Yarra Valley Shortest Lunch? If so, what was your favourite winery? I’d love to hear from you in the comments here or on Facebook. Happy Eating. Dani B xx

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  1. Love the idea of the shortest lunch Dani, I haven’t been to the Yarra Valley in a few years but the memorable spots for me include Giant Steps / Innocent Bystander – amazing pizzas, cheeses and of course wine (in Healseville).

    1. Hello Laura. I could not agree with you more. Absolutely love Giant Steps. The Shortest Lunch was even more beautiful than I expected. Thanks for stopping by. Are you a local Melbourne blogger?

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