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Nomadic in Berwick has just recently turned one and this seems like a good time for a review of the place. I had avoided going in to the Cafe for a long time because I was not sure about it based on what I could see from High Street. I finally had one too many friends tell me that they loved the place, so I decided to stop by. I am glad that I did.

Nomadic is a multi talented kind of Cafe. Restaurant, Cafe, pumping brunch spot, pizza hub, Open mic comedy venue and live Jazz locale. I think there are probably a few more strings to its bow, but these are the ones I know of.

Most surprisingly to me was how busy the place was. I stopped by on a Monday morning and it was pumping! People everywhere. The hustle and bustle suited the place and I cannot think of another Berwick cafe with the same contemporary, busy, brunch-ey vibe going on. You can get lost in your conversation there and I immediately liked the place.

Nomadic serves Tea Drop tea and coffee from our very own local roasters, Zest. I opted for one of their big breakfast items and it was all sorts of delicious.

Nomadic cafe Berwick brunch

The staff were friendly and prompt on the day that I visited. I have been back since for a babycino and triple choc cookie and had the same welcome, efficient service.  I know that they serve lunch and dinner too so I will have to visit again some time. Stop by their website or like them on Facebook for some more info.

Nomadic is a welcome edition to lovely, leafy Berwick (isn’t she looking so pretty this Autumn?). I am just sorry I did not stop in sooner.

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