O.My Beaconsfield

O.MY restaurant Beaconsfield

The favourite part of my recent visit to O.My in Beaconsfield came right at the end of the meal. We were presented with two adorable, individually wrapped pieces of sourdough fruit loaf, made in house, wrapped in brown paper and tied with string. Our waiter explained that we were to feel free to either eat them now, or take them home. We took them home, a warm toasty reminder of a elegant, exciting and delicious meal.

bread at O.MY restaurant

Now let me return to the beginning, it is apparently the very best place to start (with thanks to Maria Von Trapp for the excellent observation).

Anniversary time again, and so we booked a table at our favourite restaurant. Mr Eatmystreet convinced me that I was up to the task of eating six courses. I had my doubts, but also, I am greedy. So I went along with the whole palaver.

Six courses, three amuse bouche and three different breads. I did not regret one mouthful of it.

The food at O.My is created by talented local chef Blayne Bertoncello. He has recently been shortlisted for the Age Young Chef of the Year Award and he is so deserving. Blayne and his team create food that is interesting and intelligent whilst simultaneously being delicious and beautiful on the plate. Honestly, all the good things happening on one plate.

The most memorable dish I ate was created using the “whole pumkin.” Yes, the food at O.My often needs an explanation because what comes out of the kitchen often looks more pretty picture and less like mashed pumpkin. Lucky there are attentive waiters on hand who are only too willing to explain and answer questions. As a results of this I woke up the next day thinking about the Swedish Chef, which I think we can all agree is an awesome thing.

No waste pumpkin dish at O.MY Beaconsfield

The Pumpkin dish made with toasted pumpkin seeds and a lasagne type outer layer made from the skin of the pumpkin. I am not explaining it well, you’ll have to ask the Swedish Chef for more information. But it was sooo good. Mouthwateringly memorable.

We also ate the Sword Fish,  an Artichoke, Baked Potato &  Two Hour Egg Dish and 24 hour Pork Dish served with Compressed Apple.

O.MY restaurant Beaconsfield

These “main” dishes were punctuated with dazzling little  tasters, straight from the Willy-Wonker-Esque brain of the chef, to the diners table.

dinner at O.MY restaurant Beaconsfield


Here is the first “Bread Course” made from their own cultured sourdough, served with house churned butter and looking dead sexy.

Our first “taster” was Cured Salmon with lemon gel, Bone broth with dried mushroom and a herb bundle with Creme Fraiche dressing. Drink broth, wave herbs, be impressed. Etc.


O.MY degustation menu

A lot of the produce served at O.My is harvested from the local garden of brothers Blayne, Tyson and Chayse who run and own the restaurant.

dessert at O.MY Beaconsfield

Dessert was Baked Apple, Cinnamon Quill and Sorbet, and Meringue.

dessert at O.MY Beaconsfield

“Dessert taster” was house made chocolate that magically melts in your mouth. Well actually it is not magic, it is coconut and cocoa. I say believe what you want though people.

O.MY Beaconsfield

Our 6 course Degustation was $75 which is so reasonable for what you are getting. Creative & delicious food, attentive, charming and informative service, a touch of theatre, a little magic, a lettuce leaf shaped like a lamb. Plus gorgeous decor and a sophisticated dining room.

O.MY Beaconsfield

My pick for Best Local Restaurant by far and by local I mean all the way to Ripponlea. 😉

One last photo, as they explain it all better than the words.

degustation at O.MY Beaconsfield

Unless you are the Swedish Chef of course, he would have been all over it.

Happy Eating!


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