Chojo Bonsai Gallery Sassafras

Chojo Bonsai Gallery Sassafras

Bonsai being photo bombed by Miss Marples Tea Rooms. 

Bonsai is a Japanese art form using miniature trees grown in containers. On my recent weekend meander through Sassafras I came across Chojo Feature Trees Nursery and Gallery. It was so beautiful and ethereal and unexpected.

Chojo Bonsai Gallery Sassafras

I walked through the gallery/ nursery expecting very little and with a bad case of the talking-non-stops. But this soon ended as I was confronted with the exquisite beauty of the bonsai on display. Some of these bonsai were very old and the juxtaposition of their small size with their considerable maturity as plants was captivating. I realise that I have never really seen or understood bonsai before.

I love them. I want one.

Chojo Bonsai Gallery Sassafras

Bonsai are apparently for the purpose of pleasurable contemplation and ingenuity. The Chojo Bonsai master (made up title alert)  himself was there at work and he explained that the Bonsai were on display were all under his care although a number of them were on loan from clients.

I highly recommend you drop by for a ponderous, contemplative wander.

Chojo Bonsai Gallery Sassafras

For more information look here.

Enjoy! Dani xx

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