Boysenberry & Marshmallow Cream Recipe

Boysenberry & Marshmallow Cream RecipeMarshmallows

Many moons ago there was a young man who set off from his village in search of adventure. He swung his back pack into his battered, red Holden EK and kissed his Mother goodbye. As he revved his engine one last time and wiped the dust from his eye (he was not crying!), his Mum leant in the car window and handed him a folder.

When he arrived in the city of trams, tall buildings and shiny lights he sat on his bed in his room with no window and opened the folder his Mother had given him. Inside were his instructions for success….

in the kitchen.

Little sheets of cardboard, full of handwritten recipes to woo the ladies, impress his friends and keep his engine running. Here is one of them.

Boysenberry and Marshmallow Cream Recipe

Boysenberry & Marshmallow Cream Recipe


1 tin of Boysenberries, drained


1/2 cup of sherry.

I packet of Marshmallows

300 ml of Cream (whipped)


Soak the marshmallows in 1/2 cup of sherry. Leave for 30 minutes.


When they are ready add the marshmallows to the whipped cream and pour in the boysenberries.

Stir together.

Boysenberry & Marshmallow Cream Recipe

Leave in the fridge for at least 2 hours.


Watch the ladies be impressed.

Boysenberry & Marshmallow Cream Recipe

So the giveaway that this is an old recipe is obviously the Sherry, and the marshmallows.


A little bit of sherry or brandy in a lot of things.

I actually don’t like marshmallows. Next time I would use mini ones so that the flavour was not so pervasive. Or maybe make my own? I also only used about 2/3 of the 280g pack because, well, sugar! So much sugar. The ingredient list when something like this; sugar another type of sugar, liquid sugar, different sugar, gelatine, colours. But the boysenberries were ace and overall it was YUM!

And the young man, well he still likes it all these years later.

“Yeah, yum.” He says.

Happy Eating!

Dani xx

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