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In some ways I am a sad little food blogger. Well, in one way in particular, photography. I lack the chutzpah to make a fuss in a restaurant by taking photos of my food. I wants to go in all Edie from Ab Fab and instead I come across a little bit Saffy.

What I lack in courage I hope I make up for in sheer, naked enthusiasm.

Such was my visit to George Calombaris’ Kew Hellenic Republic.

We started with a very lovely, light Greek wine and this set the tone for good things to follow. Pita with Green Tzatziki dip made a tasty entree.

Hellenic Republic Kew

We also tried the Saganaki with peppered figs ($15) and the Halloumi, quince and candied wallnuts ($24). I have eaten the Saganaki many times at the Brunswick North Hellenic Republic and it on this occasion it seemed a little dated. Probably because so many other places have “borrowed” the idea since and so the intense sweet, soft, salty thing was not as revolutionary as it once was. The Halloumi was new and tasted interesting and fantastic though. It was probably the highlight of the meal. Big thumbs up! 🙂

For mains we ate the Slow Roasted Shoulder of Lamb. I am constantly trying to relive the awesome shoulder of lamb from Cumulus Inc. https://eatmystreet.wordpress.com/2014/04/27/cumulus-inc/  We also ate the Baked Snapper ($40) and Grain Salad ($13).

Hellenic Republic Kew

Sadly the lamb did not deliver on the Cumulus Inc standard although it was still good. We also tried the chips ($9) which with kids in tow is almost a given. These were excellent chips though with the proof lying in the number of adults who were continuously stealing them from Mr 3.

Hellenic Republic Kew

Dessert was Halloumi Donuts with spiced sugar ($10). Sweet, fragrant, fluffy and a little nutty. I did miss the drizzled honey from their previous incarnation but they were still good.

The best part of Hellenic Republic Kew was the kind of reliability of the whole place. Good service, interesting, tasty food. Thoughtful, modern, spacious taverna style design with colourful artwork keeping the look fresh.

Probably not the place for Edwina and Patsy with all those Greek calories and tempting dishes. Although maybe they would have wafted in for the opening night to sample the Greek wine and to hobnob with the celebrity chefs. Great place for the rest of us though looking for a simple night out with family or friends.

Happy Eating Sweetie Darling.

I did remember to get you some photos after all.  😉

Dani xx


Hellenic Republic Kew

Address: 26 Cotham Rd, Kew VIC 3101
Phone:(03) 9207 7477

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