The Pantry at The Schaller Studio, Bendigo


The Pantry at The Schaller Studio, BendigoThe Pantry at Schaller Studio Bendigo

I have spoken of my love for elegant Bendigo before. With her grand Cathedral that instantly takes me to another time and another place. And her luscious, exquisite Rosalind Park stretching right through the heart of the City. The rambling but grand Hotel Shamrock that once (or was it twice) hosted royalty. The dotted outposts of Poppet Heads that to locals need no explaining. The Nationally renown Art Gallery and of course, the dinning scene. Great cafes and restaurants abound and are easily accessible, well staffed and often set amidst architecturally interesting and sophisticated surrounds.


A recent addition to the tourism scene in Bendigo is the Schaller Studio Hotel, part of the wider Art Series Hotels group.

The Pantry at The Schaller Studio, Bendigo

It seems like this sprawling Hotel went up in a matter of weeks and I have it on the authority of a local that this is indeed how it was built. Situated not too far from the Bendigo Art Gallery it will hopefully be full to the brim of tourists, keen to see the sites of beautiful Bendigo.

The Pantry at the Schaller Studio Bendigo is the Cafe that sits underneath the Hotel. I recently visited for morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. I also had my own exciting moment of celebrity spotting when the cast and crew of The Today Show pulled into town and were just lingering around the lobby. Karl Stefanovic was there people. And Lisa Wilkinson! Being the coward that I am, I did not stop for a photo but instead just pretended like I could not care less.

I could care less though couldn’t I? Karl is a first rate hilarious Aussie idiot and I missed my moment. 🙁 Lisa is a first rate Aussie feminist role model and general legend. Shame on me for trying to be too cool for school……

The Pantry at The Schaller Studios is a sweet addition to the area.

Tom my handsome model (who just happens to also be my nephew) enjoyed his lunch.

lunch at Schaller Studio

It’s his birthday today! Everyone say Happy Birthday Tom!

lunch at Pantry at the Schaller Studio Bendigo

I really liked my coffee and we ate in the “Sculpture Garden” which was pleasant. The art works both outside and inside were fantastic and fresh and interesting and easily made for an inspiring backdrop to sit and sip.

tea at Pantry at the Schaller Studio Bendigo

I sampled the Nutella Donut, the excellent Caramel Slice ($6-) and the piquant and perfect lemon slice ($6). They serve Tea 2 teas.

donut schaller studio

I may have scoffed the donut prior to bringing out the camera. Oops! Rookie mistake….

The seating areas were generous with the added addition of sprawling couches and coffee tables inside the building.

I may have seen Troy Cassar-Daley eating lasagne and Richard Wilkins with his BF’sF (fake tan and blonde highlights) looking better-in-the-flesh-than-on-TV while I was there too.

Special day.

Anyway, if you are in the area, then pop in for a cup of tea and enjoy the “vibe of the place”. If you are a long way out of the area and intend to come and stay, then book a room at the Hotel. They are small but beautifully equipped and the service is fantastic.

The Pantry does the local cafe bit really well.

Enjoy!! And if you see a celeb of note, take a selfie! Go on, be brave.

Dani xx

The Pantry at The Schaller Studio

Corner Luca and Bayne St


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