Indulge Fine Belgian Chocolates, Bendigo

Indulge Fine Belgian Chocolates, Bendigo


“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” Forrest Gump

It all started when my lovely father-in-law bought me a box of chocolates from Indulge Fine Belgian Chocolates, for Christmas. Indulge chocolates Bendigo They were so delicious and so much smoother and finer than other chocolate I had previously tasted.

I had previously had a small infatuation with Hillier’s Caramel Chocolate squares. These chocolates had seen me through a tough time where my nightly routine of sitting quietly on my own and indulging in one sweet mouthful, brought me sweetness and peace. Well now I was addicted to Indulge Belgian Chocolates also, but this time without a good excuse. Except that these chocolates were smooth and fine and exceptional.

Finally I found myself with the opportunity to visit Indulge Fine Chocolates in Bendigo to buy some for myself. I also ordered a hot chocolate while I was there. (They also serve ice-cream, cakes and muffin’s, and of course coffee.) Indulge Chocolates Bendigo The shop was small and filled with Chocolate of every shape and size. The front counter was adorned with Chocolate Easter bunnies, Chocolate lolly pops and a counter full of handcrafted individual chocolates that can be bought individually or by the gift box!

Favourite flavours (of the moment) are Champagne Truffle, Dark Chocolate with a hint of Chilli and Peanut Butter with Raspberry Jelly.

Indulge Chocolates Bendigo

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They are located near the Bendigo Bank building (the one that cannot be missed).

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Happy eating!

Dani B xx


Indulge Fine Belgian Chocolates Bendigo

Shop 26 Fountain Court Bendigo


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