Emerald Village Bakery & Cafe

Emerald Village Bakery & Cafe

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Everyone should have a “happy place.” A place they can visit that just makes them feel good in that deep sighing, happy on the inside kind of way. I have a few. They nearly all involve beautiful scenery, a stunning view and coffee and cake. The Boathouse, lakeside in Daylesford was top of my list for a long time.  Emerald Lake Park has been a more recent favourite. Trees, hills, an actual lake. Peace, space. horizon. All good for the soul in my opinion.

Cake though, that is good for the tummy so often before I visit the Lake I like to stop by the Emerald Village Bakery & Cafe.

Emerald Village Bakery & Cafe This Bakery has everything! Bread, sandwiches, focaccia’s, hot mini pizza’s, savoury pies, cakes, donuts, slices, sweet pies. The Aussie bakery at its best.

Emerald Village Baker Cafe

Slices,pies, cakes and bread are probably what they really excel at although you can eat lunch here if you really want to.


There is seating inside and seating outside. There is a roaring yellow coffee machine and a juice bar and they do an impressive hot chocolate. They also do a delicious sponge cake with jam and I am a sucker for sponge cake with jam! 🙂

Emerald Village Bakery & Cafe

Hmmmm. happy place. So, here is their website. I will let them speak for themselves. http://www.emeraldvillagebakery.com.au/index.html To you I say, get yourself a happy place and if you don’t already have one then you are welcome to borrow mine. Top tip for parents (and big children/ train obsessives/ people who never grew up etc). Puffing Billy drives through town at least 6 times a day. The happiness, oh the happiness, when children see that steam engine chug past. Almost as good as fresh sponge with cream and jam. Almost.

Happy Eating!

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Address: 8/9 Kilvington Dr, Emerald VIC
Phone:(03) 5968 4310

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