Q Fish and Chippery Queenscliff

Summer is almost over so I think this is a great time to review one of my favourite Summer Spots, Q Fish and Chippery in Queenscliff.

I have eaten here many, many times. Not too many to count, but definitely too many to admit to. Hot chips are a frequent craving of mine and so fish and chips for dinner is just the perfect excuse to indulge. Hmmmm, chips……


Q Fish and Chippery however is about much more than just chips (although they are very good here). There are sauces to start with, a long line of cute little sauces in tubs actually. Tomato, of course, but also a delicious tartare. Then there is the sushi, freshly made burgers and salads. Look here for their menu.

But what I really love about this place, is the setting. Stay with me here, but I think it is Melbourne’s Mini Darling Harbour. I said stay with me!


Last time I ate here there was live music from the restaurant next door, there were amazing yachts galore and also even some pretty interesting yachties (you know; chino’s sun bleached hair, expensive watch, a real tan and a polo shirt). Plus, you can order a beer or a glass of vino and sit outside and just enjoy the water views while the kids enjoy the space.

I generally order the Back Beach Pack $13.50 which includes a serve of chips, a dim sim, a potato cake and a piece of flake. It always comes with fresh lemon which just makes me happy. Plus, you can shake as much vinegar or soy all over your food as your little heart desires. The staff are always very nice and have never once tut tutted me about the overuse of vinegar, or indeed about anything. Last time I was there they even insisted on bringing my food out to my table even though I was standing right there.

be. still. my. beating. heart.

photo 2

Anyway, over all it Q Fish and Chippery makes for a very decent, enjoyable, tasty meal. I may have outdone myself with outlandish sentiment and excitement for this review, but Summer is nearly over so don’t judge me. Soon enough I’ll have to think of some new excuse for eating chips. 🙁

I believe that the Fish and Chip shop is brothers (or is it sisters? what gender the chip?) with the rather more expensive and sophisticated Q Seafood Providore just down the path. I have never bothered to dine there although the reviews seem pleasant enough if you can get over the Summer waiting. Accept it people! If you want to eat fish and chips in Summer, then probably everyone else does too. And who doesn’t want to eat fish and chips? Here’s one more shot to tempt you….

photo 1Happy Eating and see you there next Summer! Just don’t steal my table and make me wait in line. xx

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