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I have lived in a few (a lot) of different places in Melbourne since I washed up here more than 15 years ago as a fresh faced, enthusiastic uni student. Glen Waverley has somehow kind of always been a place I visit a lot, no matter if I’m a Northy or a Southy or a Urban fringe dweller. Note to reader: you can be all three! 😉


Dinner out on Kingsway is nearly always delicious and often interesting/ exciting too with new restaurants often popping up. So a visit to Nitro Lab Glen Waverley was inevitable.

The premise behind Nitro Lab is simple.

Actually, not it is not.

Technicians, make ice cream/ gelato, whilst wearing lab coats and protective goggles, using liquid nitrogen. Afterward they can stick a chocolate filled syringe in your ice cream if you would like.  Like I said, not simple.


There are a few delicious sounding varieties (salted caramel, Nutella) but for $7.50 for a small cup and $8.50 for a large cup I probably won’t get to try too many of them.

The staff at Glen Waverley did not exactly seem to be “into it”, which I suspect they are meant to be. I had to kind of nag them for an explanation as to how the ice cream was made. But we kind of got there in the end.

A fun place to visit and the gelato was tasty. Little bit overpriced though, especially without any of the accompanying “theatre”. Definitely not the place to visit with a big family.

Try it for unique flavour combinations including popcorn on your ice cream and let me know what you think.


Happy Eating. Dani xx

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