HuTong Dumpling Bar, Melbourne

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I have been blagging on about HuTong Dumpling Bar for years now and have loved the food on every visit. So of course when I invited a friend to eat here with me today, and we trudged for ages through a hot, dry CBD and I even stood swaying wildly on a packed tram with my nose stuffed closely under some strange man’s armpit, well it was not that fabulous.

Service was slightly gruff but most shockingly was this.

HuTong Dumpling Bar, Melbourne Slightly cold Shao-Long Bao.

These lovely little morsels are normally perfection itself, but today they were not quite up to standard.

We also ordered Special Friend Rice and Spinach Dumplings. The filling in the Spinach Dumpling was slippery and tasty, but the dumpling skins were a little chunky and uneven. 🙁HuTong Dumpling Bar, Melbourne


I decided to try something new today and ordered Spring Rolls from the Lunch Menu. They were….. a little bland, a little nice.

They take a pretty picture though don’t you think?

HuTong Dumpling Bar, Melbourne


It breaks my heart to speak ill of the HuTong, but today it was not  quite up to standard. Lunch was still tasty but for $45 (including soda’s) we could probably have had happier bellies elsewhere.

My taste buds are fairly loyal so I will probably be back to HuTong Dumpling Bar again to rekindle the glory days of hot, slurpy pork dumpling perfection.  Just please don’t let me down next time Huut-D, or the hot date with a smelly tram will just not be worth the effort.

Dani xx

HuTong Dumpling Bar, Melbourne

Address: 14-16 Market Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone:(03) 9650 8128


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