The Vue Grand Hotel Rooftop Bar

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The Vue Grand Hotel Rooftop Bar

After my flamboyant claim that Henrietta’s Chicken Bar has the best view in Queenscliff, I was walking along the main street and noticed a blue cafe umbrella very high up on the turreted roof top of the Vue Grand Hotel. I had to investigate.

The Vue Grand Hotel in Queenscliff is a beautiful old building built in 1881. It was ravaged by fire in 1927 and renovated in 1983. This is obviously a very abbreviated history of a very old hotel because I want to get to the good bit!

Vue Street Bar

The Grand dining room (which looks very grand indeed) has been awarded a number of accolades for its dining room. I will have to let some other lucky soul review its food because…. children, money.

But trust me when I say that the reviews are good. For those of you who do not trust me I went snooping with my camera.

Grand Vue Hotel Queenscliff

Here’s the menu.

Vue Grand Hotel Queenscliff There, are you happy? (You and your trust issues……)

But today I went sweeping past all this grand elegance, straight up the staircase and then up another 6 flights of stairs, until I reached the roof top bar.

The bad news is I was wrong about Henrietta’s Chicken Bar having the best view. The good news is that this bar and view is absolutely breathtaking. You must go there.

No seriously. Get in the car now, or on the boat, and get there. It would be so great at night.

Still reading?

Fine. You can go when you have finished reading.

We just stopped by for a little drinky. Holiday nearly over and all that. It is quite a small little area and here is a photo of Mr eatmystreet to demonstrate.

The Vue Grand Hotel Rooftop Bar  It is his first modelling gig. What do you think? (We are only accepting compliments at this stage).

See that guy behind him? He is the bar tender. Awesome job right? He was not exactly chatty, despite my efforts. I know, you are surprised to hear that I am chatty, but I am. 🙂 But I am still standing firm with my assumption that his job is awesome.

The Vue Grand Hotel Rooftop Bar The Vue Grand Hotel Rooftop Bar

The The Vue Grand Hotel Rooftop Bar has 360 degree views and you are very high up so you can see a long way in every direction. It really was breathtaking and stunning and interesting and exciting all at once.

Like I said, get there now. Not all at once though, those stairs are very old.

You can eat downstairs at the Vue Street Bar for casual bar food, or the Dining Room for something more formal. Try here for more information.

Or here for reviews.

Or just be brave and try it anyway, and let me know how you go. I’ll be jealous. 🙂

Happy Eating!

Dani xx

Details:  46 Hesse St, Queenscliff VIC 3225
(03) 5258 1544



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